Question My PC has been crashiong everytime I play any game.

Aug 30, 2021
Whenever I play a game, mostly fortnite but it happens with all the other games too, I can play for 10-15 minutes adn then the game crashes to desktop. I am 99 percent sure it is not the graphics card because it had been happening to my old 1070 and then I upgraded to a 2070 super and it is still happening. Could it be a psu problem? my specs are gigabyte x-370 motherboard, ryzen 7 2700x. 16gb ddr4 3200, EVGA rtx 2070 super, Corsair mx 650. My temps are fine when it is happening but I noticed that it says that the memory usage goes to 100 percent right before it crashes. any ideas on how to fix this?


I would look into what your base load is for RAM. Consider turning off or disabling programs, apps on start up. Consider background processes as well.
Check event viewer for "41", as it can be indicative of a power supply issue.
If you are on a HDD it could be related to running out of memory and going to page file.
Since this is an online game it could be internet related.

In my own case I had loads of trouble out of my Taichi X370 and 2700X system. Basically built a whole new system of replacement parts (which work fine) and in my scenario it was BIOS related.

If you are on an 'XMP' profile, disable it and see if your reliability comes back. Remove any OC or PBO enhancements. Run a memory test.
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