Question My PC Has troubles booting when it rains (Weird and random issue)

Sep 15, 2022
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My PC has been doing this for 8+ months I’ve went to numerous people online and no one could help me with this, and it’s extremely Odd to say the least

One day, randomly, my PC display went off and my fans sped up. I couldn’t turn off my PC by holding the power button, so I had to use the PSU power switch.

When I turned it back on I noticed the case fan that was connected to my MOBO wouldn’t power on, or would power on for a second and turn off. Keep in mind, my CPU cooler would still spin, as well as the other case fans.

I assumed “okay, probably a PSU issue” so I swapped out my PSU with another one I had to test it, still the same issue.

“Okay, is it the RAM?”
So I took 1 stick out and tried it with different slots, still the same issue, did the same with the other stick of RAM

Did the same with no ram installed, still occurs

So i got mad, and took my GPU apart and put new thermals on it, as well as clean it

I did the same with my CPU

The issue still occurred 3 days later, and just one day, randomly, it worked, nothing was done, I just turned it on, booted and everything

I had no issue for a month, until the same issue came up again

I decided this time I tried different methods

The one that worked the best was using a HAIRDRYER to heat up the PC before I turned it on, but this was Hit or miss

Another method was resetting CMOS and power draining the PC, once again, hit or miss

I tried so many things, a different motherboard etc, nothing

The thing that I noticed though, is actually the answer (hopefully to my problem)

This issue always occurs when it RAINS

when it’s sunny outside, no issue, when it rains I have an issue

This never happened when it was sunny outside

I’ve been having this issue for 8 months, it’s driving me nuts


PC has troubles when it’s raining outside

Things I’ve tried:

-Resetting CMOS / Draining Power
-Cleaning System
-Putting new thermals on CPU and GPU
-Hairdryer (came up with it myself)
-Using another PSU / Motherboard
-Booting with all RAM combinations
-Booting with no RAM
-Booting with no GPU
-Praying to the tech gods

My Specs:

(GPU): Asus ROG Advanced GTX 1650 Super

(CPU): Ryzen 5 3600 Stock

(MOBO): ASUS Prime b550-a

(PSU): Thermaltake 600w PSU bronze

(PSU I tested as well): Corsair 450W Bronze FM

(RAM): Ballistix DDR4 3200mhz 2x8gb in dual channel


Mar 31, 2014
If it truly only happens when it rains, I'd invest in a good dehumidifier for the same room and try your best to limit any other airflow from outside, such as caulking the windows, etc.


Jun 24, 2022
I'd start with a Seasonic Prime power supply, double the power your PC uses (for max efficiency). Yes it costs more but rules out that as the cause and it should last you years.

Ever noticed humidity issues in the room, esp when raining ?