Question My PC randomly crashes

Nov 2, 2019
For a while now when I'm playing R6 or GTA V my PC will randomly shutdown with no warning and I'm really stressing about it. I built this PC a few months ago and had no problems for a while, and now I'm crashing. It even crashes when I run UserBenchMark when it starts testing the cpu. Anyone have any ideas how I can tackle this?


GPU: RTX 2070
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: Gskill sniper x 16gb 2600mhz
MOBO: MSI x470 gaming plus
PSU: EVGA 650 gold
Have you checked CPU temperature when playing games before it crashes? Are you using the CPU cooler the CPU came with or an aftermarket cooler? It's possible the CPU cooler was not installed properly and is just now loosened enough to cause an overheating problem or possibly the thermal paste was not applied properly either by the manufacturer or yourself.

Your single memory module may be faulty so you will want to run a memory test on that. If it comes up faulty you should return it for a refund and get a dual module kit which usually costs around the same as a single of the same size. You can then run dual channel mode for higher bandwidth.

Download Core Temp and find the CPU max temperature when playing games.
Test your memory with memtest86 after checking CPU temperature.