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  1. greatblueship

    Question NVIDIA driver not working with second monitor

    Hi all, I'm using a GTX 1650 Super, and the HDMI output is working fine. But when I try to plug in a second screen to the DP output, the screen flickers and only shows static. I'm almost certain this is a driver issue, but I can't solve it. I'm also guessing that it's because I'm trying to use...
  2. F

    Question Can't pinpoint point of failure... can someone follow my steps and provide insight?

    Alright, I bought a bunch of parts used and I'm trying to make a computer out of them, but I'm getting this issue: TL;DR The computer will turn on with a positive beep code but suddenly stop being able to boot entirely. Random things will make it work again. Here's a list of all the things...
  3. gloomi

    Question CPU fan suddenly not detected, and AIO n/a, please help!!

    So I had someone over to build my PC for me yesterday, we tested everything, everything was good and working (minus the aio pump). He left, I took the PC to my room and plugged it in and went to bed. Now to the next day, I just tried to turn it on to test with my new monitor attached, and now...
  4. singhrobinn23

    Question Need help with troubleshoot

    I built my pc around 6 months ago everything was working smooth no issues until recently around 2 weeks ago. I was working on my project, fairly nothing much memory taking or cpu power requiring tasks. Had eclipse, Visual studio code and spotify running suddenly screen went blank and then it...
  5. Z

    Question PC turns off then back on. Why??

    So recently Ive been having a problem with my PC. Everytime I turn it on it will turn off and then turn back on. Then it puts me in the error screen and tells me to go into bios, when I exist bios it boots into into windows and works without a problem. I really confused to what the problem could...
  6. J

    Question GPU Crashing

    Hello, I've had some issues with my PC lately... When I play more intensive games sometimes all my screens go black and the PC pretty much freezes and I have to force shut it down by taking out the power. I think it's the graphics card but I am not 100% sure. I thought it was over heating so I...
  7. V

    Question Unstable System: mini -Freezes, Crashes, can't find the Problem

    Hello guys, i really need help from some people who know more about computers than i do. First of all, sorry if my english isn't the best, i'm not a native speaker, but i really need help with this. It drives me crazy. The Problem: I have random mini freezes and stutters in my system. They...
  8. brbcrying

    Question [SOLVED] Lagging in games, but have low ping and high FPS??

    I built this PC at the end of May. Last week I installed some Touchaqua Bitspower Case fans (x3) which had a separate fan hub and ARGB controllor, both of which had direct power from the PSU via sata connector. Then, I was suddenly cutting audio in and out and my games were SUPER laggy, like...
  9. Y

    Question CPU temps extremely unstable with AIO installed

    Hi. I have a cooling problem. So, my CPU temps at idle is between 50-67, and when gaming it's between 65-81. I'm even on a liquid cooler. My temps jump with 10-17 degrees - how is this possible? Also, it's a new rig and therefore i'm worried.
  10. N

    [SOLVED] Too long path

    when trying to migrate windows server 2012 R2 to 2016 via Robocopy . .. I have a problem that can't be skipped named -the path is too long -, something like that! how can I solve this ?
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Windows not starting after fresh install

    Not sure if this is a Windows problem or a hardware problem to be honest. After putting together a new PC yesterday, I (apparently successfully) installed Windows 10, but Windows won't actually boot - I just get a frozen motherboard screen (there's a spinning wheel which freezes in place after...
  12. G

    Question Freezing and stuttering when joining online lobbies or when someone joins my lobby

    So, i built a brand new pc with those specs: Gigabyte gtx 1650 super windforce oc Ryzen 5 2600 HyperX Fury 2x8Gb RAM Gigabyte DS3H motherboard Gigabyte P650M PSU WD Blue SSD 500GB MX330 Case Phillips monitor So, from the very first day i built it i noticed that EVERY multiplayer...
  13. Timmyctc1

    Question High Ambient Voltage and random restarts/application crashes mobo issue?

    Specs: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 39 °C Matisse 7nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36) Motherboard Micro-Star International Co. Ltd B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (MS-7C02) (AM4) 41 °C Graphics 2260WG5...
  14. Question I had to close the setup mid way while I was reinstalling an app. Should I be worried?

    I was updating Samsung Magician but then I miss clicked to "I live in European Country" which I'm definitely not from. At first I didn't wanted to reinstall this software just because I selected "European Country" but I still ran the setup wizard just out of curiosity and selected "override the...
  15. I

    Question New PC Build not powering up.

    Hi I recently purchased all new parts for a new PC Build. I installed everything, went to hit the power button and nothing happens. Not even the debug LEDs are showing any signs of life. Anything helps, thanks! MOBO - MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC CPU - i7-9700k CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i RGB...
  16. lordas

    Question Webcam Works on desktop but not in browsers

    Hello ! Ive recently run into a problem that has kept me awake the past few nights I have a Satellite C55-A-100 windows 10 64bit, the camera app from the microsoft store detects my camera and works fine ,even the indicator led turns on . But when I try to use the camera on the web for...
  17. H

    Question Fan hub not working with all fans

    I just installed a SilverStone fan hub and two Noctua NF-P12 fans. I connected the Noctua fans and the stock case fan (with 3 pins) to the fan hub, and connected the hub to the motherboard and PSU. When the computer starts, the stock fan works but the Noctua fans don't power up at all. I've...
  18. D

    Question New PC build freezes after final reboot during Windows 10 install EVERY TIME. HELP!

    So, built a new PC on two days ago, and have been at a loss ever since. Parts: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo - MSI B550M Pro-VDH Wifi GPU - GeForce GTX 1660 Super RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8 GB DDR4-3600 Storage - 512 GB 2.5in SSD, 1TB 3.5in HDD Power - 80+ Bronze semi-mod PC Boots up fine from USB...
  19. C

    Question Upgraded to 2060Super from 970: Anything 1080 and below works fine, but above that and screen goes black. Occasional flash of signal?

    Windows 10 MOBO: Asrock Z87 Extreme4 EVGA 2060 Super I did safe mode, DDU, then install of latest driver. My BIOS is a little old...but I want to see if there's a solution before updating that since that is a riskier procedure. I've been able to use a remote access software to mess with...
  20. A

    Question My PC is driving me crazy!

    SPECS: ryzen 5 2600 (no OC) Gtx 1650 ventus msi b450 pro vdh plus 2x8 corsair vengeance 2999mhz cougar vte600 80+ bronze thermaltake v200 WD 1 tb hard drive 250 gb lemar ssd PROBLEM: ok so about a year ago my pc started randomly freezing while playing games and i have to hard restart my...