My Win 7 is connected to internet thru LAN Connection and I cannot get it to con


Sep 22, 2011
My Win 7 computer is connected thru LAN and I cannot get a wireless connection to share with other wireless computers in the net. How do I go about it. When I try the only options are the dial up or LAN.
Hi, I'm not really clear on what hardware you have and where it is attached.

Can you try the following steps and post where you start hitting trouble?

Generally you set up a wireless router. Attach the router to the DSL model or Cable modem using an ethernet cable. Attach a PC to the wireless router using instructions that came with the router. Set up the security you want. Add other PCs to the wireless network depending on how you set up network security. Now all PCs should be able to get to the internet. IF the PCs can't talk to the internet POST.

Once all PCs get to the internet, you need to tell windows security to allow the PCs to talk to each other. For windows 7 only PCs you can set up a homegroup (google homegroup).

If you have a mix of PCs (XP, vista, win7) on a network post. They can talk. But you don't want a homegroup, you want to use 'workgroup' instead. And there are some complexities.