Build Advice Need advice for gaming/streaming PC. Budget is 3500$

Aug 30, 2019
I'm looking to buy a gaming/streaming PC to play and stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My current PC does not give me enough performance to stream and play CSGO at the same time with the fps and smoothness I want. I play with the lowest graphics settings and 4:3 1280x960 resolution. I want the stream to have decent quality while averaging above 300fps ingame, this also without the stuttering problems that I had issues with while streaming on my older system.

I have a budget around 3500$ and "might" have some extra parts available from my older system, I also have a 240hz monitor and other peripherals. Unfortunately, I managed to spill some water over my current desktop PC the other day and I have not been able to test the parts after cleaning the mess up and trying it out but something is obviously broken/has water damage. I have picked the PC apart and from what could tell my GPU, CPU, RAM and PCIe SSD seem untouched by water, but I'm not sure if they could have shorted somehow or are fully functional and neither can I test the parts at the moment. My point is that maybe I could use at least the PCIe SSD, GPU and RAM to save money for other parts if what I already have is good enough.

My GPU: ASUS Turbo GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
RAM: 2x Vengeance DDR4 4BG

I'm not too attached to using these parts if some of them are incompatible with the type of stronger system I'm looking for but as far as I understand for CSGO performance and streaming the CPU is the most important part, the highest possible GHz and unless I'm misstaken some CPUs have some type of software/hardware encoding for streaming? Or maybe someone can enlighten me on what type of software/hardware I should/could use to make sure my game performance stays unaffected while streaming.

So what I'm looking for is good performance and overclocking on the CPU at least. As long as I have my performance in streaming and playing at the same time the rest of the computer is not that important, like I don't need a lot of expensive storage space for example.

If anyone knowledgeable about this wants to help me get what I need to get the result I'm looking for I'm willing to pay 50$ for some good help as a thanks!

Any general help and tips are very much appreciated and if you have any questions i will check on this forum post every hour as long as im awake. :)