Need advice on 3D monitors


Mar 6, 2012
I know very little about 3D and 120Hz monitors, yet im in the market for one.
As i know very little about them, i'd like to ask a few questions:
How to you exactly connect a 3D(120hz) monitor? HDMI? DVI?
--Read something about DVI-D..but which one?
What are they made of(?)/from(?)? LEDs? LCD? Or LCD with LED backlighting?

Now finished with the questions. I have a budget of around £150, i know its not much but i found these on my trusted computer componen site:
Has anybody had any experience with them?
Is their advertised 120hz really 120hz?
Can they even be used as "3D"?
Are they nVidia 3D Vision 2 enabled?

I've also found this:
Doesnt really help as it doesnt even say if it's 3D vison 1 or 2 enabled. So does anybody know like a list of monitors that are nVidia 3D Vision 2 enabled?

If ill be needing £150+ then i guess ill have to dig deeper into my wallet, but what would you recommend. I dont want it to be outrageously big, 23"-24" will do.
Maybe these(?):

Sorry the post/reading is too long. Wanted to get everything in and answered.
Thanks in advanced.

Ok, the LG Cinema is a passive system, from the best I can tell (they mention the glasses will clip on to normal glasses). That doesn't support 3D Vision.

The Hanns-G HS233H3B is an active shutter glass system, and it 3D Vision one ready. It does not have lightboost for 3D Vision 2. It also does not come with the glasses, so you'd have to buy it separately.

BenQ XL2420T is 3D Vision 2 ready, but does not come with a built in emitter or glasses. You'd need to buy the kit separately, and the XL2420TX model is not available in Europe from my understanding.

The BenQ XL2410T model is 3D Vision 1. It doesn't have lightboost. It doesn't appear to come with the built in emitter or glasses by the best I can tell, so this will also need to be bought separately.

If the cash is tight, the Hanns-G is the cheapest of the 3D Vision models, but a cheap display can ruin the 3D effect, so I'm not sure I can recommend going with a brand I know nothing about. I do hear good things about the BenQ XL2420T(X), for 120hz gaming and 3D.