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  1. S

    Question Best UCB-C hub for a 12" MacBook ?

    Hello everyone, I will soon need an USB-C hub for my late 2017 12" MacBook, but I cannot manage to find the right one/the best one. There are THOUSANDS of it but I want to be sure it's a good one and that it has everything I need, because i don't even know which type of USB-C this macbook has...
  2. PsychoPsyops

    Question Apple Music iPhone - Fullscreen Cover Art?

    With iOS 17, I had noticed today one of the Pearl Jam albums I have now has fullscreen album art in the Music app. Is this exclusive to select bands Apple has an agreement with? Is there a way for me to do the same for songs I had imported from other sources? *Please note, this is not related...
  3. quantim

    Question Is asus Thunderboltex-TR compatible with Asus Z690 motherboard?

    Struggling to power up Apple Thunderbolt Display with my new built? I tried MSI motherboard with gigabyte but failed. Now I have got Asus thunderboltex-3 TR but it’s not compatible with msi tomhawk motherboard so I am ordering this Asus Z690-P mobo. But want to ensure it will work before I...
  4. Budgeteer_262

    Question How do I share an NFTS Drive on my Mac to Windows 11 PC via Local Network?

    Hi All, I have a MacBook with 250GB space. I only use 40GB locally and I want to make the other 210GB usable by my main PC via internet LAN share. They're both connected to the same local network. I have created a "Windows NFTS" Partition on the Mac using Disk Utility app. However, I am having...
  5. papalzru

    Question Macbook purchase advice ?

    My daughter wants a Macbook for University. She's asked me for help in purchasing one. I really haven't got a clue as I am a Windows user. She needs it for day to day University work. She doesn't want to spend a fortune but also doesn't want something thats useless. I think around 500-600 mark...
  6. R

    Question Need help finding an iTunes Alternative...

    As the title says, I need to find a new iTunes alternative. My main use will be for backing up and restoring full backups of my iPhone as I do not use iCloud. So, to be clear, plugging in my iPhone and clicking backup. Then, if at some point in the future I get a new one, plugging it in and...
  7. P

    Question Mac Mini vs Macbook Air - which to buy?

    Hi. Up until now I have always had Windows computers, but I've decided to switch to Apple. Having looked at specs, prices, common issues and opinions, I am still not sure which is the best option. It will be replacing a desktop PC and laptop, although I do have a tablet for a portable option...
  8. S

    Question M1 Chip reaching 96-97C on Blender renders, has this been normal for the M series chips?

    I have been using Blender intensively for the past few weeks for my job and have the TG Pro widget open to monitor the temperatures to see how the unified architecture holds up for professional usage such as animation and rendering. Each material viewport and render on the M1 has led to the chip...
  9. J

    Question Should I wait for iPad 10 or buy the iPad 9 now?

    Hello everyone. So I am not really in a rush to buy an iPad. I never previously owned an iPad so I want to get into the ecosystem. I will mainly use it for media consumption and occasionally gaming. I may also buy the apple pencil in the near future for some sketching. A must for me is a 3.5mm...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] iPad Pro M1 live streaming setup ?

    How to setup Ipad pro M1 for live streaming ? My rig : Elgato 4k60 pro mk.2 and iPad Pro M1 2021 what are the accessories I need to live stream games like pubgm ? My doubt is - Apple USB-C Digital AV...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] is itunes music and videos accessible on apple music?

    Can i access everything i downloaded on itunes like my music and movies on apple music and have them synced to all my devices that i installed the apple music app on?
  12. M

    Question how to disable two factor authentication with apple devices

    i want to disable two factor authentication with my apple id so that i can sync stuff from my older apple products to my new ones but ever since I enabled it on my newer devices i can't sync anything from my older devices. I can't type the authentication code it sends me on my newer device...
  13. C

    Question is swapping an iPod Classic Hard Drive a good idea?

    Hello everybody! I really don't know if this is the correct forum for this particular question, Please allow me to explain: My dad found his beloved iPod Classic, its a 6th Generation 80GB of great music, I haven't seen him so happy in YEARS... We were looking for an USB Charging cable so we...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Passive speakers to custom Mini ITX

    Hello, I have built my first mini ITX pc. It has been an exciting journey and I want to stretch it a bit further integrating the audio part. I have this pair of old but great Apple Pro Speakers that sound really good and want to hack them to connect directly to the pc. It s this spherical...
  15. R

    Question How can I protect the battery in my AirPods Pro ?

    Hi I recently got AirPods Pro and I had a few questions about the battery/charging. I was wondering if there is a certain way I should charge the Airpods case or the actual buds? I don’t want to damage the battery and I don’t know when I should charge the actual case, and if it’s okay to keep...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] itunes to spotify transfer

    if i transfer all of the songs from itunes to spotify will those songs that were transferred be accessible on every device i have my spotify account logged into?
  17. haeki1

    [SOLVED] Parallel I/O performance 1 vs. 2 drives ?

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy a new macbook pro M1pro/max for video editing and I am not clear about the size of internal storage as it's often recommended to seperate OS & software from footage and media cache. So I thought taking a smaller internal drive + an external Thunderbolt 3 drive...
  18. AlergicToTheSun

    [SOLVED] Mac Pro not displaying anything?

    I recently ran into a late 2000's mac pro that will not display anything but everything will turn on and the fans will start spinning , I put the graphics card (Quadro 4000) into my desktop and it worked just fine. I know macs aren't so friendly with Nvidia so I threw a old AMD card I had in...
  19. I

    Question Best way to do dual display with this Mac setup?

    Ok so I'm getting a new setup for work (MacBook Pro 16" (intel) and 2x Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-20's) which is great - the problem is I need to share the displays with my personal computer an M1 Mac Mini. I'd like to do this in a seamless way if possible; I've looked at various Display Port...
  20. LuckyHood

    [SOLVED] MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020 Won't Charge

    I bought a MacBook Pro like a month ago. It's a 13 inch, 2020. It worked normally but the only thing that concerned me it's that when it was plugged when you touched its surface it was giving off electrostatic energy. And today it won't charge what so ever, in any port, I have to mention that...
  21. SteeveGates

    Discussion Mac OS 11 Big Sur: Performances and interface: invitation for notations and comments.

    Mac OS 11 Big Sur makes me really satisfied, to say the least. Although the download size is slightly higher than 12 Go, (to take the 2 kinds of processors in consideration: Intel, and the upcoming Apple Silicon), my Intel MacBook Pro, of mid-2014 (the latest with Nvidia graphical processor)...
  22. M

    [SOLVED] itunes backup question

    i've backed up everything in itunes manually without time machine and all the songs all have been renamed something like 03_songtitle or similar, does that mean if i ever have to bring them back to itunes that's what they will be called in there?
  23. mstevensj22

    [SOLVED] Custom acrylic case for iMac

    Hey all, Im attempting a custom build of an older iMac (Late 2012 27” iMac) that had a busted screen. I’ve successfully removed all the components out of the back housing and plan on mounting it in an acrylic case. I noticed when removing the ac plug that it is grounded to a post. My question...
  24. J

    [SOLVED] Does the Apple USB-A to USB C Converter work properly for headsets?

    So I have a Macbook Pro 2017 and also recently brought a USB-A Jabra headset (specifically the Evolve2 40). I also have a USB-A to USB-C converter from Apple. Though, a problem is, it seems to not work properly. The headset is noise cancelling, but that feature doesn't seem to work. All the...
  25. J4CoB1

    [SOLVED] Which MacBook to get?

    Hi guys, my friend has decided to get a MacBook which he will get for university which will involve just a lot of writing. There are two MacBooks which he is deciding between and one of them is the 2019 and other is the 2020 one. 2019- Operating system MacOS Mojave (10.14) PERFORMANCE...
  26. Y

    [SOLVED] iMac 2006 5,2 won't boot after hdd replacement, nothing boots

    Hello everyone. If you have read the thread's title, it may sound familiar as there are a ton of articles or questions about it but I haven't found anything that works. This is the situation: iMac 5,2 2005. 2Gb RAM, osx Lion, 160Gb HDD. I decided to upgrade the old hdd and got a 240Gb Kigston...
  27. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Creating A Script For Adjusting Laptop Screen Brightness? Linux Mint 19.3

    I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on a 2009 Macbook Pro. The only thing the Power Manager is recognizing concerning brightness is the laptop keyboard (Macbook feature), not the actual display. Currently, I have this "xrandr" argument/command assigned to the F1 and F2 keys, the keys for...
  28. Alter103

    [SOLVED] Would Toshiba S55 Series laptop operate ECC ram?

    Hello dear forumers. My Toshiba S55D-5383 laptop has DDR3 2x4GB 1600 Non-ECC 1.35v rams installed. I need to upgrade memory and the max is 16gb, thus 2x8GB needed. I see affordable options with Apple Rams, specifically Apple SO-DIMM DDR3 1867MHz 2x8GB ECC ( Product code: MLFY2G/A ). Upon...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] Xeon W2140B vs AMD options

    So, I have a friend who is looking at getting the 2017 iMac Pro with the 8 core processor. After some research, I found that the chip in the system is the Xeon W2140B. I am attempting to convince him to purchase and build his own windows PC. Regardless of the system, it will be used as a...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] RAM Upgrade MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)

    Hello! The task of improving my parents' MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) has been thrust upon me. I've got two 4GBs of RAM that I've salvaged from a broken computer, and I'm planning on installing it into my parents' laptop, to upgrade it from 4GBs to 8GBs. These are the two pieces of salvaged...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] 2008 iMac Won't Boot Up(Can't Install Snow Leopard)

    I am working on a 2008 iMac. When I tried to boot it up the bar took forever to go accross the screen. When it did finally become a full bar it did not boot up, it just stayed there. I shut it down and tried to start it up again. I waited and waited for it to boot up it just would not boot up...
  32. N

    Question 2014~ Macbook Pro Randomly Shuts Down, but ONLY in OSX

    My macbook has had an issue when I boot into OSX where it will randomly shut off from 1 ~ 5 minutes and is random every time. I tried taking it into the apple store to be fixed but they had no idea what the issue could be and suggested I factory reset it to fix it. I did this and it did not...
  33. Y

    [SOLVED] Which laptop better for video editing?

    My bro is looking for a laptops that could perform video editing well, I will list out some options, i had look into specs but i don't know if a U series intel really worth to buy: Macbook Pro 13 inches (16 inches too expensive...) i5 xxxx, intergrated gpu? 700 USD Dell inspiron 7591 i7-9750H...
  34. T

    Question Macbook Air model A1466 won't boot up

    My macbook air model a1466 recently displayed a warning telling me to replace the battery. It then went on to shut down and never boot up since (no startup chime or anything on screen). I then replaced the battery, but it still won't boot up, i tried resetting the SCM successfully, but that...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] Looking for full size, Mac compatible keyboard for grandparents

    My grandparents purchased an iMac last summer and have so far been pleased with it, but they have now enlisted me to find them a larger keyboard because the one they give you is a little dainty for my grandpa's large hands. Only problem is I'm not well-versed in the world of keyboards outside of...
  36. L

    [SOLVED] Will my computer run this monitor

    Hello, I know this is a silly question probably but I just had to be sure before I "jump the gun" I have a late 2014 Mac mini (i5 4278u 2.6ghz model with 8gb of ddr3 1600 ram) and I currently use a 34" LG ultra wide. I have the opportunity to purchase the Samsung 49" ultra wide (this one...
  37. R

    [SOLVED] iPad A1489 Digitizer replacement

    I use an iPad mini 2, I can not find any replacer for my digitizer anywhere. Those available are one pin, mine is two separate sets of pins. What is the second pin for? And can I go ahead and fix the digitizer with one pin. Will it work?
  38. N

    Question i got ipad mini 2 and i need to unlock

    i have a old ipad mini 2 and i reset it and it got unlocked, i dont know the email and password,the bill and box associated with the device, how to unlock it? somebody please help me with this
  39. J

    [SOLVED] Android to Iphone switch, need some information.

    If you don't want to see the opening go to the next paragraph. Hi Guys, been looking at the newer apple products recently and have been swayed to at least try an iPhone out. I have always been a die hard Android fan, but recently looking deeper into the grasp that google has on me I find myself...
  40. M

    Question two step authentication change

    how can i take off two step authentication on the iphone? i know it make it less secure but it's also preventing me from logging in on my other device. it asks me the the authentication code but it doesn't give me the option to type it in, which is why i want to remove it. i've tried going...