[SOLVED] iPad A1489 Digitizer replacement

Feb 4, 2020
I use an iPad mini 2, I can not find any replacer for my digitizer anywhere. Those available are one pin, mine is two separate sets of pins.

What is the second pin for? And can I go ahead and fix the digitizer with one pin. Will it work?
Sep 5, 2019
Have you tried ebay? iPad screen and digitizer replacements are pretty common. I worked in an computer shop and we replaced them all the time. A lot of the times we bought screens from ebay, which was often cheaper and quicker than wholesalers who have MOQs and expensive.

Are you sure yours is an iPad mini 2? Does it have a a touch ID? Touch ID models are iPad mini 3 and newwer and touch ID models have the digitizer and lcd laminated together.

It would make sense to have two connectors for display on a laminated display as they are two pieces joined into one.

best bet is to look at the back of the iPad and check for the model number in the format of aXXXX and then hit up ebay and order digitzer for AXXXX (insert your model number).

I replaced a lot of screens from an iPad hire company in the UK. In the end I got pretty good at it. Battery replacements are the worst.

You can order stuff from iFixit, I never found their quality to be any different than the ebay ones. They just seem to come kitted with better quality tools.