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  1. C

    Question computer stops sending video after using it for a while

    the background story of what happened: around 1 and a half year ago I bought an MSI B85M-G43 to upgrade my old motherboard( MSI H81M-P33). I installed all the drivers and set up the bios. after 1-2 months of using it, I got a problem with it and decided to go back to my old motherboard. Today I...
  2. I

    Question My doesnt show any screen.

    Whenever i try to launch my pc my pc screen says no signal detected. After this happrns tho i can turn off the pc and wait about 10 min and then try again, then it usually does boot normally. I am using the MSI Z370 GAMING CARBON PRO motherboard with windows 10, Ehat i belive is causing this...
  3. T

    Question Razer Blade Stealth (2017) Laptop screen gets over-saturated with darker images (Intel HD 620)

    My Razer Blade Stealth (2017) has had problems with screen oversaturation/brighter/inaccurate colors when there are darker colors/themes on screen (Discord/Chrome dark mode, etc.) I've tried disabling my Intel's "power saving technology" on the graphics control panel, but it hasn't worked! Had...
  4. A

    Question AMD Adrenalin 2019 Drivers make the screen too dark

    Hello Everyone! I don't know where else to put this. The problem is i installed windows 10 and tried to install amd drivers(latest) now when they have installed everything is just super dark like i cant seperate the task bar from the windows wallpaper and when i tried to install the amd...


    Hello, So my pc was working perfectly, i've bought a new fans for the case, i installed them and everything went smoothly! but when i turned the pc on all fans ran so freaking fast and the screen can't get a signal! I've tried so many things! 1- CPU resetting 2- BIOS Battery changing 3-...
  6. Sc4fy

    Question I keep losing video outout from my pc

    Whenever I try to boot my pc, it first shows me the log in screen but then my pc stops giving a video ouput and freezes. I can't turn it off normally but instead I have to hold the power button for 5 seconds. I have tried placing my gpu in a different pci-e slot and have managed to succesfully...
  7. dnaeeeutd

    Question Laptop won't boot if onboard screen is detached

    Hi everyone, I have bought my laptop 7 years ago and it is still working perfectly until now. It is a Dell Inspiron 7520 non-SE with Service Tag 1VJBFV1. Onboard screen panel seems to be old enough that some weird red areas show up on this screen (more noticeable when I open darker photo)...
  8. NotJust

    Question Every time i play certain games my computer fan start being crazy and the screen turning off HELP!

    Every time i play certain games my computer fan start being crazy and the screen turning off. I did the lowest graphics i can, I have latest geforce driver my pc is: intelcore i3 3220 3.30HZ graphics card : gtx 660 ram : 8gb motherboard: dk sorry if its necsesary ill check plz help its driving...
  9. S

    Question Laptop does nothing when lid is closed

    My HP 15 bs model's hinge was broken so i got it replaced at service center. Now if i close the lid, its not being shutdown/sleep/hibernate. The store guy says its software issue. Is it true or did he did he miss something? Thanks in advance!
  10. A

    Question 2nd Monitor doesn't work

    I recently bought a new pendisplay, which literally functions as a 2nd screen with a touchpanel now everytime I try to connect it it doesn't work (watch the video) it just flickers and I cant do anything unless I plug it Monitor : AcerXZ271(DP) Pendisplay: XPen Artist 12 (HDMI) It didn't...
  11. Question One of my 2080TI displayports is not working?

    Hello, today when i tried to overclock my XL2411 144hz monitor, to 74hz using normal dvi d to displayport adaptar, because it was only giving me 60fps, so when i tried to overclock it to 74hz, the screen just went off and nothing happened after that, i tried everything, i tried safe mode ...
  12. Z

    Question I was watching a movie and all of a sudden my PC crash and I can’t get out of the BIOS screen. Help :(

    Hey, I was watching a movie and I got atuck on this screen. First time its ever happened and I don’t know what is wrong. All was find and my pc froze and now I got this issue. Help me, please & thank you! BIOS screen (image)
  13. ewald30

    Question 1080ti screen flickering

    So i got my 10ti aorus after buying it second hand, and after installing it i noticed that i have some screen flickering. I changed my monitor with a tv and everything is ok but on the monitor it still flickers. At first i tought there is a screen issue but after running a stress test in furmark...
  14. A

    Question Screen froze, then stopped getting signal

    Hi everyone, I'll keep this short. I hit my pc by mistake and the screen froze. Then when I forced it to shut down with the power button and restarted it, the monitor wouldn't get a signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time.
  15. BorealMind

    Question Compatible displays Asus UX303LN?

    Hi, i would like to know the list of compatible displays for the given model (Asus UX303LN). Where can i find it? My display cracked and i would like to replace it with a different one such as one from other Zenbook models. Is that even possible? What factors besides the size and connector...
  16. AzureUmbra

    Question Multiple Projectors for a Hallway

    My office has a few long hallways and they recently had a wall wrap put along one. The boss loved it, and asked for a equally awesome solution for the rest; bonus points for it being interactive and techy. Money is basically unlimited. The solution my team is looking into is covering one...
  17. B

    Question Looking for an IPS monitor for digital painting

    Hello there! After quite some time of saving I finally managed to save enough to afford a decent screen. I am currently stuck with a gaming 144hz TN screen thats not all that great for colors and since Ive been painting digitally for quite some time now I figured it would be a great idea to...
  18. S

    Question I think thanos messed with my laptop screen.

    So I'm back again. I need everyone's help again. You're literally the nicest and smartest people I've run into. The issue is my laptop has several tiny white dots in random locations on my screen at varying levels of brightness/sizes and there's about 7, more or less. Upon closer inspection...
  19. I

    Question 1080p inspiron 5423 screen replacement

    Hi, I've had my trusty dell inspiron 14z (5423) for a good amount of time now. it's screen is getting flaky whenever i move the hinge. this leads me to believe that the lcd cable has a short in it. I am planning to replace it shortly but since this laptop has a sub-par screen and the take down...
  20. duraszess

    Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

    What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable. List: -processor -ram -hard drive -graphics card -monitor/screen -printer...