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  1. Zefrom

    Question Sudden black screens on display but fans and lights are still on -- GPU problem?

    Hello, new here I have sudden black screens on my display with "No signal" as the only message on the black screen. My fans and lights are still turned on when all these are happening. The black screens happens when I run any games (GTA V or LoL) for a few mins. The black screens also happen...
  2. Question Weird pixel with shadow on the screen

    I tought its dead pixel but then I tried to take screenshot and it still appeared on the screenshot. I got this months ago on different position on the screen, I tought that I have virus or something, can someone help me please I dont know what it is
  3. I

    [SOLVED] Only one monitor works when both used together ?

    Hi everyone, about a month or so ago I disconnected my 4k 32 inch philips monitor because of some setup issues I had to fix and last week when I tried to reconnect my monitor it wouldn't work with my other monitor anymore, It used to just work and now I can only turn on one monitor, they both...
  4. R

    Question 4 faded/dead vertical pixel lines. Only reacts to certain colors. 65PUS7363/12 Philips TV

    So today I noticed 4 vertical lines going that are either dead/stuck/discolored, I'm not able to make sure of what it is sadly. They're all close to each other, all with a 3-4 pixel gap between them, with the problematic lines being 1 pixel thick each. One of them goes all the way to the top but...
  5. billygoat99

    Question Black screen on main monitor ?

    Hello, Yesterday both my monitors were working fine, as i turned my PC on today, my main monitor just shows a black screen? I have a samsung monitor, and when i hit the button on the side which i think is calibrate, it says Analog on the top left, then switches to Digital, then my monitor works...
  6. Mohammadverona

    Question Laptop screen flickering ?

    Hello...i have problem with my laptop: asus n552vx Im using it for gaming csgo. My laptop screen start flickering alot while playing game in some part of maps or watching youtube or some 4k photos... What I tried: I moved laptop monitor and didn't fix the problem( not depend on moving...
  7. rijn12

    [SOLVED] GPU doesn't work after updating drivers ?

    So okay, just a starting information. Here's my current setup: Previous setup: i5-4690k GA H81M-DS2 2x4gb ddr3 1333mhz 650W Corsair R9 270X New setup: Ryzen 5 3600 B450m Steel Legend Asrock 2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz sticks 650W Corsair R9 270X This first came to me when I was turning on my PC way...
  8. EFI1962

    Question HP 250 G6 laptop - screen and wifi cable routing issue

    I have an HP 250 G6 laptop – I needed to replace a broken rear screen cover, broken cable and screen cable, as well as broken left hinge and hinge cover. I can’t manage to figure out where to feed/put the screen cable and wifi cables which are both routed on the left side into the left side...
  9. L

    Question Laptop showing weird boxed colors

    Hey Today after windows update my gaming laptop started to show weird colors like pixels after I started to play a game. What happened to my laptop, can it be because windows update had an negative effect on my screen because this happened right after the update. These colorful pixels show...
  10. G

    Question Graphic Card not working

    Dear all, I recently tried to replace my old graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 5450) with a new one (ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX560-4G ). This is my mother board: Asus M5A97. I am posting the full specs of my pc below. When I restarted the pc it worked for 5 minutes then it rebooted and after that I could not...
  11. B

    Question Light rectangular patches on laptop display ?

    What are these light "patches" of symmetrical and neatly-aligned squares on my laptop's display ? For reference, I have a Dell Latitude E5480. It's subtle, only show up in bright lighting. Can you please help me identify what this phenomenon is? Img 1 Img 1 Rendered Img 2 Img 2 Rendered
  12. nurman

    Question PC stutters (audio and screen)

    My pc stutters, lagging everywhere. I have it for a year now, still have no idea what can cause it. I've already tried soo much thing to fix it, but its the same. Its like the screen freezing for a very very short time, sometimes only the screen, sometimes only the audio (with a crackling...
  13. nusuntbubu

    Question Screen turn of if i enter in cs:go

    If i enter in an competitiv or casul after some time my screen turn black but pc still run i5 9400f,12 gb ddr4 2400mhz,rx 470 4gb
  14. M

    Question Need suggestion for new laptop with great screen

    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire, and had to send it back because of backlight bleed around the edges. The replacement they sent had the same issue. I'd love some suggestions for a laptop with a great quality screen. Here are my needs and wants. Based in USA Laptop with 15 inch screen...
  15. B

    Question Laptop dies a few months after replacing screen from Ebay

    So far this has happened twice now. I replaced a laptop screen with one found on Ebay and it works fine for a month or two and the laptop dies. When you press the power button, the light next to it turns on but nothing else turns on, no fan, no ports, nothing. Not sure what the first model this...
  16. K

    Question How tall is the MSI Optix MAG274QRF when height adjustment is lowered all the way down

    Hello, I wanted to know the exact measurements in inches for the MSI Optix MAG274QRF when the height is adjusted all the way down. Since I have a floating shelf just above my setup (about 19 inches from the table below.) I have read the description that the MSI unit is about 21 inches tall...
  17. D

    Question Use laptop screen as a monitor ?

    I have removed laptop's screen as my laptop is old and motherboard stoppped working. The display is functional and i would like to use it as external monitor. Is there a possibility of such connection to be established? Laptops screen cable is not standard video-audio output. I will need RCA...
  18. P

    Question 2nd monitor no signal (hdmi cable)

    Hi. So i recently bought 2 hdmi cables, and they work, but not on my second monitor. I used a vga before, but my new motherboard dont support more than 1, so i had to use HDMI. And iturns out it doesn't work, and my monitor is turned on but it shows no signal. What i've tried: Tried another...
  19. J

    Question Screen flickering on LG Gram laptop ?

    Hello, my 14 inch LG Gram's screen flickers from time to time doing regular tasks, but when i take a screenshot for example it happens even more, i havent installed any pirated programs and have all the drivers up to date. I hope you can help me. Here is a video where you can see the problem...
  20. Question My screen doesn't show good uniformity on gray color

    Hi, I have ASUS F571GT for a year and have checked the monitor uniformity through, I did uniformity test on gray color with gray tone 25% that shown the screen like this, the red line is added manually by me to indicate the area whose color doesn't uniform...