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  1. P

    Question External monitor screen flickering when connected to my laptop

    Hi, I have this annoying issue and hope you can help me out. My external monitor screen starts flickering when connected to my laptop. After connecting it works fine for about 10 seconds then it starts flickering. The laptop screen also turns on / off. And like after 1-2 minutes the external...
  2. Macho Peludo

    Question TV 26LG30R as monitor (resolution issue on PC via HDMI)

    Hi everyone, i bought a TV 26LG30R (26 inchs) second-hand to use as monitor for my PC but i am having resolution issues, i am connecting it via HDMI plugged on my GTX 960 2GB but any resolution above 1360x768 makes the image all distorted, pixelated, pixels blowing up, icons with weird low...
  3. D

    Question Best Monitor for Gaming/Design Use & Programming ?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for Best Monitors Suggestion for: Total 2 Monitors Gaming & Design Productivity Use : Below INR 30k (USD 370) | Size 27 to 32 inch Programming/Coding Use : Below INR 20k (USD 250) | Size 22-25 inch Location : India Please help! Thanks
  4. N

    Question Vertical lines at the top of laptop screen & most of the screen is unusable ?

    I have a ASUS TUF A15 laptop. A few weeks ago I started getting those vertical lines at the top of the screen. At first it was manageable, it only happened when I entered full screen of a video. Then it got worse to the point that I can't see what's below those lines. Sometimes the screen...
  5. M

    Question Some black flashes while gaming (and browser letters failing too)

    Good morning everyone I've been playing Valorant and Hogwarts Legacy all week, no problems. Suddenly today, I opened Valorant and I see some flashes, like rendering failure and I have no idea what it could be, it's happening while gaming and watching videos. I've already cleaned my PC, removed...
  6. Slushybush

    Question Colour flicker on laptop screen ?

    Hi, I have a problem with my laptop (Dell G15 i7 3060) and I cannot seem to fix. When the laptop is plugged into AC on games it will have the colour flicker, if the laptop is unplugged this will stop. I have changed the battery settings for the same when it’s unplugged/plugged in and that...
  7. D

    Question Laptop screen randomly flashes black while gaming in full-screen ?

    I got a gaming laptop about a year ago to finally be able to play all the games I've had on my list, and it's been having this issue whenever I play in fullscreen: The game will freeze for a couple seconds, then the screen turns black for a couple seconds, then comes back. I game with an Xbox...
  8. J

    Question TV incorrectly labeled as PC Screen

    Bit of an OCD issue but still. I have an Asus pc monitor and a Samsung TV connected to my Win 11 PC. When projecting my screen between them through the Quick Setitings in the right lower corner, I can see my Asus pc monitor labeled as "2nd screen" while my TV is labeled as "PC screen " while...
  9. Toddy44!

    Question Gaming monitor suggestions ?

    any recommendations on a monitor to get ? Higher refresh rate ? I’m playing at 1080p which is fine beautiful etc but I know that when I play a higher resolution my games just look extra epic. I want this beauty ! But I don’t think the monitor I have is up to it. Refresh can be very low if I make...
  10. erikstb

    [SOLVED] Weird clicking noise, freezing and audio issues

    Hi! Weird issue (I think) Like once or twice an hour my PC emmits a fast clicking sound (like 5 notes), and i cant locate which component causes this. Directly after this sound/during this happends: Video and sound freezes for a few seconds, often the audio also "glitches" during this time or...
  11. C

    Question I noticed a very subtle scratch in my Monitor WM32DX9019- fixable with petroleum jelly?

    I feel the scratch slightly when putting my finger on it its about the size of my pinky nail, but of course once its seen its hard to unsee anyone had experience with cleaning a monitor with petroleum jelly- judging by this scratch do you think it will fix it? any help would be great if not i...
  12. H

    Question Appearing few lines at the bottom of the screen

    For 2 - 3 days, I have been facing an issue appearing a few lines at the bottom of the screen. But the strange thing is that it is not permanently showing. If I restart my laptop then it will disappear. Can anybody help me to get some ideas about this? Following are some details and I also...
  13. Eye1306

    Question MSI GE72MVR No backlight

    So im having some issues with my msi laptop after my display shattered I replaced it and couldnt get any backlight, i tried to measure voltage where i got 20v , 3.3v so it doesnt seem to be that any ideas of what the issue could be
  14. E

    Question is there a difference between screen cables?

    I have a Satellite P50T-B The screen cables is 1422-01QK000. The connector at the motherboard end had disintegrated!! There was no backlight to the screen but I could read it with the aid of a bright torch. I ordered a replacement but it is a 1422-01PY000. The website said it was for P50T-B I...
  15. Allen_Walker

    [SOLVED] Monitor Input not Supported

    I have a DELL laptop and wanted to use an old monitor as a 2nd display since it's old it only has a VGA port so I have a VGA to HDMI adapter between them ( all cables are fine and they all work perfectly ) all drivers installed and UpToDate the problem is the 2nd monitor says input not...
  16. ordinarymann47

    Question Monitors (1 HDMI & 1 DP) won't work when computer starts/leaves sleep mode

    Recently, I've encountered a problem with my computer booting up like it always did, except now the screens do not react to it. Every other device (Mouse, Keyboard, Scarlet Solo USB etc.) react and light up. Not the screens. I haven't got a slightest clue why this problem appeared. This PC...
  17. willyburns

    [SOLVED] "ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X M7600QC" OLED screen flickering intermittently since Windows 11 '22H2' update. Any thoughts?

    Hi, I bought an "ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X M7600QC 16-inch 4K OLED Laptop (AMD Ryzen 7-5800H, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD)" on 21/08/22 that was working fine until the '22H2' Windows 11 update — now the screen flickers intermittently, among other issues . . . I've tried...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Dark spot on laptop screen

    Hi guys, I accidentally sat on my laptop in a car and it got a dark spot in the middle of the screen. I attached a photo but its not fully visible on it though it is there and it's visible on dark and white backgrounds. Is there any way I could fix it or it is permanent?
  19. Valina35

    Question Monitor Changeing Colors?

    My Monitor Is Lenovo c22-25 And If I Move Around Like if stand Up The Colors Change And If I go Down The Colors Change Like its Color Blind Does Anyone Know Whats Happening?
  20. T

    Question Monitor Shows Static Then Goes Black ?

    Hey guys, I recently got a Dell S2721QS monitor to hook up to my Acer Aspire Laptop Running Windows 11. When I got the monitor, I plugged it in to my computer using the included hdmi cable and I noticed that it said no signal on the monitor but my laptop was recognizing the monitor just fine...
  21. skrill3xdub

    Question ROG Strix G531 GT screen glitching after installing optional windows update?

    Hi! After updating windows and optional windows update, my laptop screen become scrambled or glitching up and down. I realize that my refresh rate in display setting option has change from 60hz and 120hz to 48.000hz and 120.114hz. After I check the update history, it seems I have accidently...
  22. Ampwillett

    Question Coloured Lines on one monitor but not the other? Help

    Hi I have coloured lines on my main monitor but not my other one as I have duel screens it literally just happened as I was playing Warzone? Help?
  23. J

    Question Monitor won't turn on sometimes, how to fix?

    So my monitor won't turn on sometimes. No power even when I plug it to other outlet. It only happen sometimes though. Whenever it turns on I see no problem from it. When it won't turn on, I usually wait a few hours before turning it on again and it works fine. But what if I don't have time to...
  24. Cosmos2610

    Question Dimmed Screen

    I was cleaning my laptop with Alcohol 70%, from screen to keyboard and on the outside. I didn’t exaggerate with the liquid and everything was fine until i shut it down, and later that day when I wanted to use the laptop again, as I turned it on the screen was so dimmed that you could only see...
  25. M

    Question Pink flickering screen wtih laptop mostly with browser too

    So this is happening yesterday and its going on now, But my laptop has been facing a problem recently and the problem is that the screen has been flickering pink, I don't know how this happened but the way that it started was I was browsing around firefox, Till I found out that one of the...
  26. -Arke-

    Question Artifacts on boot-up

    ¡Hello everybody! I have been suffering from artifacts whenever I boot up my PC, specially if it's been off for a "long" time. They used to come and go, like maybe I had them for one weekl, then missing for one month, then back and so on, but lately they have been sticking with me. I know its a...
  27. Noahqayain

    Question Thinkpad T460 Screen is blank with white lines?

    I have a Thinkpad T460 and the left portion of the screen when "disturbed" in a particular manner would turn defect by distorting to white lines. I dropped the laptop in the past and on the lower right hand corner there is a "impact mark", none the less it still works. Today I dropped it from 5...
  28. E

    Question PC frequently BSOD after RAM upgrade

    Hello, I've built my own pc in 2019 and in July this year I decided to upgrade my ram. I've upgraded my corsair lpx vengeance 2x 16gb kit 2666mhz to corsair rgb pro sl 2x 16gb 3600mhz (exact serial numbers: CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 to CMH32GX4M2Z3600C18) After this my computer started frequently...
  29. M

    Question Is it okay to close my laptop lid with the keyboard cover if laptop will go into sleep mode?

    I'm kinda concerned about electric discharge or something like it because I don't know how it works. So with the lid closed the electricity from the laptop's body can go through the cloth to the laptop's screen, as I assume. Sometimes I can feel the electricity on my laptop's body when I run my...
  30. D

    Question Monitor screen has vertical and horizontal lines over it ?

    Hi my monitor had these horizontal lines at the bottom part and I thought it would go away on its own since I already experienced it repair itself. But eventually it took over the entire screen. Could this issue be due to the monitor or the GPU? My second monitor works fine though. Screenshot...
  31. S

    Question Brand new Lenovo Legion 7 screen glitch

    I just bought a brand new Lenovo Legion 7 laptop with RTX3070 and Ryzen 7 5800H. It came without OS, so I installed Windows 10 Pro and drivers myself. After couple of days however, I noticed the screen started glitching out randomly. It happens very randomly, doesn't matter if I'm browsing...
  32. Farenhtye

    Question Constant horizontal lines on screen at 165Hz, completely fine for some time on 60Hz, but starts twitching

    My laptop screen has been acting weird lately. I have a 2560x1440 165Hz panel. I was playing GoW when horizontal lines suddenly appeared. I immediately reset the drivers using AMD cleanup utility and manually uninstalled and reinstalled NVIDIA drivers, but nothing helped. On 165Hz, the lines are...
  33. Farenhtye

    Question Can I use generic 40 pin EDP display cable for my laptop screen?

    I own an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45-R4GR, which I bought on 20th May, 2021, and it is out of warranty. It has a 2560x1440 screen at 165Hz, and it suddenly had horizontal lines on it. I was watching a YouTube video, and the lines developed suddenly across the whole screen. There is no physical damage...
  34. P

    Question Macbook pro 17 screen flickering

    Video of screen My mac looked like this when i turned it on this morning and i have no idea what the cause is as there could be alot of causes, any fixes or is there something broken? Its working properly except the display issues. Macbook pro 2017(13in, 2 bolts 3 ports) intel i5 os: Monterey...
  35. Scarlet D.

    Question Fullscreen mode video changing display when I open the third screen ?

    Hello, there! For many months I've been having a small problem with my three displays. my setup is like so: PC Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core (4,2GHz) GPU: Radeon RX 570 Series (Drivers updated) MoBo: MPG X570 Gaming Plus (MS-7C37) Ram: DDR4 (2 sticks of 8gb) 1600Mhz OS: Windows 10 x64...
  36. Max Arthur

    Question Red things on my PC screen

    So i just bring my PC back from service center. Then when i turn it on, there was so many red things (i think its a dot) on my screen. not always but in some application like discord, spotify, and chrome. but the brutal one is on discord. It is a driver issue or something?
  37. A

    Question Dumbest series of events

    Hi Toms' Friend's, In a predicament, my screen was cracked and can’t be used. I was using my other monitor but encountered an issue running games so I attempted to install windows 11 via usb. A DX issue or graphics card issue and figured windows 11 would be a good upgrade. However, I was...
  38. S

    is it possible to buy a screen for this laptop please? ASUS X415ja

    hi, i was trying to find a screen to replace my broken laptop screen and i found this one but its says:- and i ahve no idea if this will be ok or how to check ASUS X415ja PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SCREEN IS THE 315mm WIDE VERSION. SOME LAPTOPS MAY TAKE THE 320mm VERSION...
  39. D

    Question Is this a screen or graphics card issue?

    This laptop has a black line across the screen and I'm wondering if it can be solved by replacing the screen panel or if it is more of a graphics chipset type of issue? Thank you!
  40. seagullrocck

    Question Is my graphics driver broken or is it the screen itself ?

    I recently noticed that the screen of my Acer Nitro 5 2019 laptop has been acting weird. Just below my taskbar, there's a fine black line across the screen that flickers. I tried updating my discrete driver but it didn't do anything. I tried scanning using the command prompt but it said that...