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  1. A

    Question Screen froze, then stopped getting signal

    Hi everyone, I'll keep this short. I hit my pc by mistake and the screen froze. Then when I forced it to shut down with the power button and restarted it, the monitor wouldn't get a signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time.
  2. BorealMind

    Question Compatible displays Asus UX303LN?

    Hi, i would like to know the list of compatible displays for the given model (Asus UX303LN). Where can i find it? My display cracked and i would like to replace it with a different one such as one from other Zenbook models. Is that even possible? What factors besides the size and connector...
  3. AzureUmbra

    Question Multiple Projectors for a Hallway

    My office has a few long hallways and they recently had a wall wrap put along one. The boss loved it, and asked for a equally awesome solution for the rest; bonus points for it being interactive and techy. Money is basically unlimited. The solution my team is looking into is covering one...
  4. B

    Question Looking for an IPS monitor for digital painting

    Hello there! After quite some time of saving I finally managed to save enough to afford a decent screen. I am currently stuck with a gaming 144hz TN screen thats not all that great for colors and since Ive been painting digitally for quite some time now I figured it would be a great idea to...
  5. S

    Question I think thanos messed with my laptop screen.

    So I'm back again. I need everyone's help again. You're literally the nicest and smartest people I've run into. The issue is my laptop has several tiny white dots in random locations on my screen at varying levels of brightness/sizes and there's about 7, more or less. Upon closer inspection...
  6. I

    Question 1080p inspiron 5423 screen replacement

    Hi, I've had my trusty dell inspiron 14z (5423) for a good amount of time now. it's screen is getting flaky whenever i move the hinge. this leads me to believe that the lcd cable has a short in it. I am planning to replace it shortly but since this laptop has a sub-par screen and the take down...
  7. duraszess

    Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

    What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable. List: -processor -ram -hard drive -graphics card -monitor/screen -printer...
  8. Sibbe_

    Question weird screen bug on Honor play?

    idk what this is but ive was whatsapping with someone for quite some time, like a view hours no stop, and suddenly his/her name stayed in every app! like very dimm it was still there its hard to explain but i can't make apicture of it but it's really weird... I'm trying to revert it by putting...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] No image after installing geforce experience drivers

    Hi I have an asus gl502vs and the screen dont work so i disconnected the display connector to the mb, but after installing the geforce experience dont show image trough HDMI but i can go to bios and see image. Is there any solution ? Thanks
  10. Z

    Question Dust inside of my screen

    So a few years ago I bought this used Asus K53SC, and ever since I've bought it there's been some dust in the screen. I waited, since I might get used to it, but after 2 years I still get annoyed every day. I can't get a picture of it, because you will only see the squared lines arround the...
  11. K

    Question Computer freeze at Motherboard Screen

    hello i know this matter discuss in another thread but i do all of thing but have no success to fix my problem my pc work fine last night and to day it freeze at motherboard screen i tried to replace rams and replacing mother board battty replace sata cable unplug all usb diveses no luck (and i...
  12. S

    Question Computer making flashing white beams in games and applications

    My computer recently started making these white flashing beams in some games and apps and I don't know whats causing it or how to get rid of it. It happens in the left side of the screen only.. It's definitely a game and app breaker, actually it ruins my pc completely... Does anybody knows...
  13. A

    Question Setting 4K laptop display to 1080p

    Does setting a 4k laptop display to 1080p help with battery life and when the 4k screen downscales to 1080p, how does the screen quality compare to a native 1080p screen? When I downscaled my 4k screen to 1080p it looked like things were slightly blurrier which seems to make sense considering...
  14. C

    Question Can magnets wreck a laptop screen

    Hi everyone😎 (I’ve been a member for years but my account is now gone) Anyways I have an old 2012 hp laptop, today using my iPad Infront of my laptop the screen had a rainbow 🌈 effect. I quickly removed it as I was playing my racing game and forgot my iPad has magnets built into it. I read...
  15. J

    Question 4 good choices for 1440p & 144Hz

    So here is m pc: Here are the screens (I live in China): 1. BenQ EX3203R 32inc VA free sync HDR400 = 521usd 2. Acer Predator XB271HU 27inc TN G-sync = 521usd 3. AOC AG322QC4 Free sync 31.5inc VA HDR400 = 447usd 4. Samsung CJG5 31.5inc = 596usd I already...
  16. G

    Question Screen flickering and showing another tab every 30 seconds or so. Happens both in game and just browsing web.

    First off it's very hard to tell you exactly whats happening since I'm not quite sure myself and have no way of showing whats happening. Basically occasionally I will notice that whilst using my pc sometimes, every 30 seconds or so it will flicker for a very very very short time and show another...
  17. L

    Question split a screen into 6 or how ever much 15.6” can fit in 49.5”

    split a screen into 6 or how ever much 15.6” can fit in 49.5”. I have a large screen tv that i like to split up into multiple screens to show virtual machine window os in each one. How would I go about doing this?
  18. KHOR3S

    Question Lenovo ThinkPad T410 - Image display problems

    Hi, after watching videos for some time the screen is showing vertical colored lines. I tried to stress the laptop (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk) but nothing happens. It looks like it only does this while watching videos (with VLC). It is not mine so I don't really know how it acts while doing other...
  19. G

    Question Purple lines - screen issue

    Hello, I want to buy a secondhand notebook and now I found one, but there's a problem with screen. It does a big purple lines. When you press a place upon the keyboard the lines dissapear. The seller thinks it could be a cable to monitor. What do you think? Any suggestions? It's Dell Latitude...
  20. C

    Question Advise on which monitor to get?

    Hi, I have been checking many forums to see if my exact question has been asked but could not find anything (please link if so, thank you). Specs: GPU: ASUS GTX1070 8GB OC CPU: I5 4690K @3.5GHz RAM: 16GB Dual DDR3 @1600MHz MOBO: MSI Z97 PC Mate SSD/HDD: 120GB Samsung EVO, 1TB HDD I need help...