Question Monitor Shows Static Then Goes Black ?

Oct 30, 2022
Hey guys,

I recently got a Dell S2721QS monitor to hook up to my Acer Aspire Laptop Running Windows 11.

When I got the monitor, I plugged it in to my computer using the included hdmi cable and I noticed that it said no signal on the monitor but my laptop was recognizing the monitor just fine. I then tried three other hdmi cables, two of which kept losing signal every 3/5 seconds and the third cable worked excellent and I am still using it presently.

I have been using the monitor for over a week now and it works like a charm.

However, tonight the monitor just went static and the screen went black for like a split second and it came back on. After that occurred I noticed that the screen began flashing/flickering it was veryyyy slight but still noticeable it was almost as if the screen was going dim, also the cursor appeared to be flickering alot.

After that happened I checked all my cable connections and they were fine. I then went onto Dells website and I downloaded and installed the latest driver for the monitor just to be sure.

I would like to know what you all think caused this. Could it be the hdmi cable, power supply, driver issue? Or is the monitor faulty?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


You might want to try and reinstall your GPU drivers, after you've removed them using DDU. Acer's have a number of laptop's on their portfolio, both new and old, which one do you have? On that note, you should also use the laptops serial number on Acer's support site, to bring up a page for your laptop. Use that to see if your laptop has any BIOS updates pending.