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  1. SoulessFy

    Question graphics and fps dropping in every game

    So i just connected my pc to the monitor with a DVI and connected the tv to the pc with an HDMI and suddenly every game's graphics,resolution and and fps is messed up whenever i open any game on the monitor but whenever i open the game on the tv it works correctly as if my graphics card wont...
  2. R

    Question Display Cutting Out

    I've seen post with this problem but no solution has come up that's worked. So my question here is what could be the problem to my display cutting out? I ran a couple of test in two games and a benchmark so you can get a feel of whats going on. Here is the test in FiveM (GTA 5) for 5 mins...
  3. M

    Question Monitors diffrence

    The LG 27gl850g looks like a great gaming monitor but it looks cheap if I look on the specs because other monitor have the same specs but more expensive the LG had like nano IPS with 1ms that pretty new right and had HDR why is like a Asus pg279Q expensive andthe LG cheaper hoe does this work...
  4. N

    Question PC can't see DP output on Screen 1

    Hi guys, I have a strange problem with one of my 2 screens. I run RTX 2080 with 2 screens, main screen is with Display Port and secondary is with HDMI. My main screen is no longer detected, when i use the DP cable, if i switch the cables around, and uses HDMI on primary and DP on secondary...
  5. M

    Question Is overheating on my Acer Predator monitor the issue?

    Had this monitor for about 3 years, made the mistake of overclocking it a couple of years back and was left with a faint horizontal line (very thin) and tolerable, however I recently noticed a horizontal streak on the bottom third of my monitor that would only appear after the monitor has been...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Are there any monitors that are able to play at a higher Hz at a lower resolution?

    I was wondering if there were any 1440p 165hz or 144hz monitors that when the resolution was turned down to 1080p that they were able to play at a higher Hz as I had a monitor when you played at a lower res it was able to play a 75hz compared to 60hz. Thanks
  7. M

    Question Upgrade my monitor to the Acer Predator XB271HU or LG 34UC79G-B?

    I'm currently using a 24" 1080p monitor with a 75hz refresh rate and I know for certain that I want to upgrade in all aspects. The idea of using an ultra wide monitor for gaming sounds tempting however I'm unsure if I want a 2560x1080p resolution at that size over the 27" predator. My question...
  8. reddogf.1315

    Question monitor goes black at login screen, but also still works fine

    so i recently got my new PC set up. and this issue has popped up. i cant exactly pinpoint when it started, as it isint so much a big deal to me. just a huge annoyance. when booting up my pc it will show the usual logos, the spinning loader with them and then just before hitting the login/ pin...
  9. S

    Question Should I upgrade my monitor?

    Hello. I have i5-4590, 16 GB RAM, RX 590 8 GB, 1TB SSD, and HDD. I have a Dell S2415h monitor. It's a 24 inch 1080p 60hz IPS monitor. It still works fine. I was considering upgrading. I play games like CS GO, Overwatch, Rocket League, Apex Legends, GTA V, and will play Halo when it comes out on...
  10. S

    Question First time creating Gaming PC build

    Hey folks, So im looking to build a gaming pc from scratch. This will be my first time making a PC, ive put a good bit of research into this but know that im still lacking alot on knowledge of all the things required. Im hoping to get a bit of advice from people who have a better idea of Pc...
  11. P

    Question Unable to get HDMI Screen working

    Hey all, So I've come across a rather stange issue and I'm now completely out of ideas, but first some exposition! I had to work from home the other day, so I unplugged my HDMI monitor from my PC to plug in to my work laptop. Awesome. After I was done with work, I went to plug my monitor back...
  12. BadgerV2

    Question What do I need?

    So I literally just built my PC as of 2/27/2019! My problem is that my GPU has 1 HDMI 2.0B PORT and 3 1.4 Display ports and my monitor has 1 HDMI cable and 1 Dual Link DVI cable so because of that my monitor will not get the desired refresh rate that is 144HZ... Keep in mind after building the...
  13. JitzeK

    [SOLVED] Benq xl2411 -b only 60hz?

    Hello, So I recently bought a benq xl2411 that was advertised as a 144 hz. I got it sended and it looks al good. But when I read the back it said this: 50/60 hz. It is a zowie one so I am a bit confused it is with a 1ms repsond time and cant find anything out if i type in the name: Benq XL2411...
  14. M

    Question does fps make any diffrence in hz

    I dont understand, does fps make any diffrence in hz if i like play a game on 60 fps on 144hz moniter, does the monitor run at 60hz or still 144hz?(sorrry for the bad english)
  15. M

    PC Not Booting

    So I just had a huge surge from a passing thunderstorm and now my PC is not booting. Well not normally anyway. Initially when the surge hit everything in the house turned off then back on, so I immediately turned off the power point to be safe in case of another surge. After letting the storm...
  16. N

    Task Bar searching stopped working after new ram.

    I am running windows 10 and as the title says I got some new ram and I can no longer search with task bar. Which I never realized how important it is till now. I have looked around on how to fix it I have rebuilt the index done sfc/scannow i think it is and pretty much everything on this page...
  17. A

    Building a pc

    How is this build? It will be used mainly for gaming and school work. Can it run most modern games on ultra/high in 1680 x 1050 resolution? PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core...
  18. V

    Antec VP700P for gtx970 SLI compatibility

    Dear Tomshardware members, I'm planning to build a new gaming pc, with price/performance as a key feature. With this in mind i'm planning to incoorporate an intel i5 core 4690k cpu together with a gtx970 gpu. Keeping in mind that in the future I would like add a second gtx970 in SLI, more...
  19. T

    Can i upgrade my gpu

    i was wondering can i upgrade the gpu on my computer here is the link to the computer i have