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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Moniter Issues

    So last night i was cleaning my pc out with compressed air, and ever since, my second moniter is being defaulted as my first wihout my main moniter picking up any input. I have tried disabling my gpu in device manager and re-installing my drivers, tried using onboard outputs to boot into...
  2. eibelbilly

    Question Best portable moniter for gaming under 250ish ?

    I'm looking for a portable moniter probably under 20-inch to try and fit into a bag with my setup, anyone have recommendations on what to buy ? * must be 75hz or higher* if no one can find one I'll buy a keyboard
  3. khacs

    Question My 144hz monitor wont show 144hz even though it did previously.

    I have been using 144hz for a while now, and randomly out of nowhere it reset back to 60hz. When i look at display settings in the dropdown menu, it only shows 60hz and below even though it is a 144hz monitor. I do not know what happened and I can't find anything that helps.
  4. A

    Question No Signal When Booted Up

    Hello, I am Adam Ravid, and I am a PC Builder beginner. I Have just built a Gaming PC, but the monitor says no signal when I boot up. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 AsRock B550M-HDV Micro ATX Motherboard 16 GB Ram (2x8 GB sticks) ASUS Phoenix 1050ti EVGA W3 Series 450W 80 plus AMD CPU Cooler that came...
  5. xerxesaria

    Question Gsync monitor vs anti-aliasing

    Hi. I have an Asus RTX 2070 and the software Nvidia GEForce Experience installed on my PC. I have a G-sync monitor and have enabled G-sync in the Nvidia Control Panel. I believe it is recommended to turn off anti aliasing when using a G-sync monitor. But, in the Nvidia GEforce Experience...
  6. YasinYavuz

    Question Help me with understanding Dvi d (dual link) ports and 144 hz

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a Dvi D cable to Dvi D (dual link) because i bought a 144hz screen. The cable claims to run at a max resolution of (2560 × 1600) 144 Hz. researched for info about the matter, It seems to have something to do with the type of dvi cable. I know that Dvi d (dual link...
  7. S

    Question Looking for a triple monitor mount

    I am looking for a triple vesa monitor mount and have not idea what is a good brand, I have a budget of $300aud. I also have no idea if it is better to have a desk mount or a wall mount, does it matter at all aside from potentially moving the setup? Also one of my monitors is a samsung crg50...
  8. S

    Question My moniter gets stuck in boot up with a grey screen.

    So I recently have tried building a PC. My dad got a motherboard from work and says it's a gaming motherboard although its quite old. I got a newer moniter a dell 144hz. I dont know if it's a problem with the motherboard but that's what I assume. I have everything else; graphics card, harddrive...
  9. J

    Question New monitor

    So yesterday I accidentally smashed my monitor while playing vr and im looking for a new one that wont break the bank. I've been looking around at some 1080p 144hz 1ms monitors. Some that I've been looking at are - Samsung CRG5 Acer nitro XV240Y MSI optix g24c and the MSI optix g241 I want to...
  10. Kezsora

    [SOLVED] Can't figure out how to get 144hz on my monitor.

    I have a monitor, Acer GN246HL, which can reach 144hz according to the eBay listing. However, the HDMI port won't allow for 144hz so I will have to use a DVI cable instead but my PC only has a DVI in port, not a DVI out port. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do, I'm not particularly...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Two monitors but one is flickering

    One of my monitors started flickering 2 weeks ago, and i know its not a driver issue because when I unplug the display port cable it flickers on the "display not found" screen.
  12. bpennock

    Question Monitor flickering after install..

    Hello all, I am fixing a build for a friend and it involved a bios flash and a change of the CMOS battery. He was having issues with the system and asked me to look at it. The bios was out of date and the CMOS had corrosion on it. I did a bios flash it was successful and I put a new CMOS battery...
  13. tomaa13579

    Question Vertical Red Line on monitor

    Hello, I've recently purchase an AOC U2879VF monitor and after connecting it for the first time I've noticed a vertical red line running down from the top right corner of the screen. View: Would anyone have any solutions or insight to the issue? Thanks.
  14. L

    [SOLVED] I see the refresh lines on the monitor

    Hello. When I play something that runs at more than 50fps, I see the refresh lines on the monitor. The monitor is old and connected by VGA, so I had to put an (active) HDMI to VGA converter. I already discarded options such as the adapter or the video card. I even tried another monitor and...
  15. himanshu99

    Question Monitor black screen for 2-3 seconds while gaming on 1080p

    Hello everyone. I just bought a new acer vg240yp monitor but i am having a weird issue which is causing a 2-3 seconds intermittent black screen only when i am using 1080P resolution , tried in csgo and apex legends. There were mo issues in my old 900p monitor Gpu - amd Rx 480 Using hdmi 2.0...
  16. H

    Question will having 3 montiors affect my fps

    i want 3 montiors, but i don't want it affect my fps much. (i already got a second) however, i will only play a game on 1 montior, the other 2 is one for mutitasking, internet and such. so i will be only using 1 montior for gaming. i do have a gtx 1080 graphics card so i got a decent pc. so...
  17. Jdambrose

    Question Monitor suggestions

    Ok I am looking for a new monitor and have a few wants. IPS panel 144 Hz refresh rate 1 ms response time 24’’-27’’ Free sync <$400 I‘ve been looking at some Acer nitro models but am having trouble narrowing it down. Thanks...
  18. abhisharma26

    [SOLVED] cant run at 144hz??

    i have a acer xv272u monitor, which i am hooking up to laptop via hdmi cable, monitor supports 144hz but i cant enable it in advanced menu, i only see options up to 60hz thats all. dont know what i am doing wrong. please help! Thank you.
  19. C

    [SOLVED] 1440p 144Hz OR 1080p 240Hz

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma right now. I found 2 displays in my budget right now which is around CAD$500 or less. I would love a high refresh rate with low response time display with good colors (so like a VA panel for example would be the best option I'm guessing). So what I'd really love...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Asus vg27aq vs Lg 27gl850

    Looking for a new monitor and have narrowed it down to these 2. Asus VG27AQ and LG 27GL850-B Just wanted to get someone else's opinion or feedback if they've owned either of the 2. I play a lot of CSGO and first person shooters as well as games like Skyrim and aoe2 de. I am also running a I7...