Question Monitor flickering after install..


Jan 28, 2016
Hello all,
I am fixing a build for a friend and it involved a bios flash and a change of the CMOS battery.
He was having issues with the system and asked me to look at it. The bios was out of date and the CMOS had corrosion on it.
I did a bios flash it was successful and I put a new CMOS battery in because it looked like it was corroded. I put the system all back together on my bench and powered it on. Everything was good and it was working with a test SSD for the os. I took a new SSD put it in and began to install windows 10 via usb. It got to the part where it asked about usernames and as I was typing it in the monitor flickered on and off and went black. I aborted the install, as I can wipe and install another. When plugging my test SSD in I have gotten the same result. The system is an AMD FX 8350 with a Asus 990fx TUF rev 2.0 motherboard. 32gb ram. The GPU he has is an r9 280x. I have tried with an HD 5870 and it did the same thing to the monitor. Any ideas on what I can do?