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  1. Z

    Question Maybe the tower is too small?

    Hello, here is my issue. I have a HP 6305 SFF Refurbished Desktop, AMD A4 3.4Ghz, 4GB Memory, 1TB HDD . The power supply is 240w. I wanted to upgrade it. So I ordered an ARESGAME AGV650(650W) power supply and just delivered. My bad! I found that it is too big, so I can't put it into the...
  2. Should I trust this listing ?

    ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X Graphics Card (STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING) for US $67.70 I am in a budget and i couldn't find a good graphics card near 120$ range. So i checked ebay for used ones. I know about scammers and too good to be true listings. But this listing( link) has a...
  3. Hollowserpent

    Question Rma gpu from rog strix prebuilt

    Hi I purchased a prebuilt rog strix pc that had a 2070 super installed. I wound up building a new computer with the gpu and cpu from the prebuilt. My question is can I rma this GPU as it has recently started messing up after about 3 months in the new system.
  4. S

    Question Blue screen after gpu driver installed

    So i have been strugling for 3 months to get my GTX Asus ROG 1080 to work again. One day i installed the latest driver from geforce experience and later used boost mode in GPU Tweak II for better performance in COD Warzone. The next day the screen just went black during normal use...
  5. LegendEli

    Question Only getting 30fps when steaming

    Hi I have a custom built pc but when I want to stream o can only do 30fps what do you guys suggest I upgrade to at least get 60fps Graphic Card: XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) Motherboard: ASRock ATX Motherboard (B450 SSD: WD_Black...
  6. Bentley1002352

    Question Why does computer beep 5 times and has error d6

    hi, i have just turned on my computer and it beeped 5 fast times and showed post code d6 on the motherboard. the motherboard is a Asrock 970extreme4 and my graphics card is a zotac geforce 9500gt. The cpu is a AMD phenom II. i have tried manually resetting bios because i cant see anything on...
  7. A

    Question Rx 5700 xt no post

    I bought a powercolor rx 5700 xt red devil last year,it worked fine, although I had some driver issues with some games but nothing serious. Today I was using the pc with no issues and suddenly it died, no post, everything is on, even the card fans and leds, but there's no video signal, not...
  8. s355

    Question EVGA GTX 260 fan never spins

    0 I have a GTX 260, but it never spins even in POST. I would like to rewire the fan's connector, but the wires are all black. What is the pinout of the fan?
  9. O

    Question Windows 10 Logo then black screen

    Hi all, This goes across hardware as well, but I chose to post in Software. I recently picked up a free tower computer and it was all working nice to begin with, at least for the day. GTX 960 - Sabertooth Z22 - i7 3xxx CPU - 16GB ram Then problem one started, and that was the CPU fan cable...
  10. H

    Question In this climate, is prebuilt worth it?

    Hi pc parts are expensive rn and my sister has an upcoming birthday (the big double digit 10!). Thing is as I only work part-time and its just the two of us, I only have a budget of £500. I have seen prebuilt PCs on amazon for £500 that claim to be able to run the games she wants to play...

    Question Display driver not detected - Nvidia

    I have gtx660 on my windows 10 system, all of the sudden my display driver stopped working, in dxdiag, it shows “graphics device driver error code 43”. I have tried upgrading and downgrading the drivers but no use, it sometimes detect the driver but most of the time is doesn't. VRAM also showing...
  12. BlueMicrobe

    Question GTX 780 HOF Issues!!

    Hey, I recently bought a GTX 780 (non Ti) Hall of Fame edition and I have a few issues with it so far. The biggest issue is with drivers, I re-installed windows 10 three times total now and I still get red artefacts all over my screen and whenever I restart the pc it just doesn’t get past the...
  13. tuckertheguy12

    [SOLVED] GPU Missing Capacitor

    Hello I would like to start with I am new to posting here, but have visited many times over the years to troubleshoot other pc problems of mine. So to start off I recently bought an AMD XFX Radeon 6970 2GB GDDR5 under the condition "Untested". I of course knew this GPU was probably broken but I...
  14. nusuntbubu

    Question Pc lag

    Hi i have spikes lag from packet loss and my ping/ latency is spiking ,what i can do My spec:i5 9400f, asus strix rx 470 4gb,12 gb ram ddr4 2400
  15. D

    Question Uhd graphics card and nvidia switch

    Hello everyone, Ive recently got a MSI GF65 Thin I7 10750H and RTX3060 Ive gone through the forum about not switching between UHD graphics and Nvidia graphics, done all the stuff were explained here but still my cpu goes above 90degrees C while my gpu stays at 45-50 degrees C Chosen High...
  16. Bhavya Jain

    [SOLVED] Please answer fast !!!

    Excuse me I have a question , that I see a lot comments and reviews that the i3-8100 bottlenecks the GTX 1650 so I am very worried that should i buy it or an lower performance but no bottleneck GTX 1050ti so can you tell me that … PLEASE
  17. elric91

    Question Egpu toshiba satellite help to setup exp gdc and gpu #egpu #toshiba #gt970 #rx570 #amd #nvidia #laptop #setup #overclock #expgdc #psu #experiment

    Hi guys, I have a toshiba satellite p55t-asp5303sl with a gt 740m, and an i7-4700 mq processor with 12 ram dd3, I have watched a lot a videos and read posts where people got a gpu and and exp gdc, and improve their laptop and performance on games,. I was thinkin what was the way to Do it and if...
  18. R

    Question Why does my PC crash when playing certain games?

    Ok everyone so I built my pc a few years ago and have had very few issues with running games and programs. However, recently I have had crashing issues with many games, particularly Fortnite, rainbow 6, and Minecraft. The weird part is that I can get other, more graphically intensive games to...
  19. Alaskanian

    Question ASUS TUF 3070 Sag

    So recently I built a new pc with the new ASUS TUF 3070 OC. Got it at msrp too so screw you scalpers. I do have an issue with it though, it sags a lot and it seems to be very delicate. What I mean is when I accidently slammed my desk the other day, my signal to the monitor turned off. PC was...
  20. M

    Question 3060 ti overkill for 1080p?

    Hey I want to upgrade my current pc. The first thing i'm gonna upgrade is my GPU. I have a 1060 gtx and I want to upgrade to a 3060 ti but i'm not sure if I should get an 1440p monitor first. I currently have a Benq Zowie xl2411p. I don't know if it would be stupid to get an 1440p monitor first...