Question PC black screen and GPU fan start spinning loud

Oct 2, 2022
PC black screen and GPU fan start spinning loud
3 weeks ago my hard drive and Cd Drive got damaged because that PC was booting into bios so brought a new SSD and installed windows in it and everything worked fine for 2 weeks after that my Realtek drivers got problems because of that I can't use the headphones but sometimes after removing Realtek driver from DDU and reinstalling it was fixed and after 1 day the issue will come back. After this, my PC started to go black screen, the GPU fan will spin loud and I had to shut down when trying to turn on the PC there will be no display and showing to check the HDMI cable. Sometimes it boots up but suddenly gets a black screen and the fan starts spinning without even playing any game or doing a stress test, when I reset bios there won't be any problem for some time and I did fur mark stress test it also didn't cause any problem, after that this black screen problem will occur when my PC turned for some hours and when I try to turn this on again the same problem occurs

PC is working fine without the GPU
Is my GPU faulty or motherboard or is it any software issue?

Tried reinstalling windows

Updating bios

Reinstalling GPU driver

Tried installing older GPU drivers
Oct 2, 2022
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You might want to list your specs to your build like so:
include the age of the PSU apart from it's make and model.
CPU r3 2200g
GPU GTX 1660super
Motherboard b450m ds3h.
Psu gigabyte p750gm
Ssd 240gb Kingston
Os win 10 21h2