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  1. tuckertheguy12

    [SOLVED] GPU Missing Capacitor

    Hello I would like to start with I am new to posting here, but have visited many times over the years to troubleshoot other pc problems of mine. So to start off I recently bought an AMD XFX Radeon 6970 2GB GDDR5 under the condition "Untested". I of course knew this GPU was probably broken but I...
  2. nusuntbubu

    Question Pc lag

    Hi i have spikes lag from packet loss and my ping/ latency is spiking ,what i can do My spec:i5 9400f, asus strix rx 470 4gb,12 gb ram ddr4 2400
  3. D

    Question Uhd graphics card and nvidia switch

    Hello everyone, Ive recently got a MSI GF65 Thin I7 10750H and RTX3060 Ive gone through the forum about not switching between UHD graphics and Nvidia graphics, done all the stuff were explained here but still my cpu goes above 90degrees C while my gpu stays at 45-50 degrees C Chosen High...
  4. Bhavya Jain

    [SOLVED] Please answer fast !!!

    Excuse me I have a question , that I see a lot comments and reviews that the i3-8100 bottlenecks the GTX 1650 so I am very worried that should i buy it or an lower performance but no bottleneck GTX 1050ti so can you tell me that … PLEASE
  5. Alaskanian

    [SOLVED] ASUS TUF 3070 Sag

    So recently I built a new pc with the new ASUS TUF 3070 OC. Got it at msrp too so screw you scalpers. I do have an issue with it though, it sags a lot and it seems to be very delicate. What I mean is when I accidently slammed my desk the other day, my signal to the monitor turned off. PC was...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] 3060 ti overkill for 1080p?

    Hey I want to upgrade my current pc. The first thing i'm gonna upgrade is my GPU. I have a 1060 gtx and I want to upgrade to a 3060 ti but i'm not sure if I should get an 1440p monitor first. I currently have a Benq Zowie xl2411p. I don't know if it would be stupid to get an 1440p monitor first...
  7. Y

    [SOLVED] Switching between two GPUs?

    I've been developing a game for Oculus and need to test out my game on a recommended GPU to ensure stable performance. So it seems I'll be getting a GTX 970 for this purpose, however, I don't want to deal with swapping out my RTX 3070 whenever I want to test the game and whenever I want to game...
  8. Tomm013

    [SOLVED] Display Ports on graphics card suddenly not working

    Hey, A few weeks ago my monitor started to turn black for a second and get back on. A few days later it didn't go on anymore. I thought it was the cable so I ordered a new one. Also with the new cable is the problem still there. My monitor is connected with a DP to HDMI cable. Me and my friend...
  9. A

    Question Planning to buy GTX 750 Ti for A8-7680

    I was planning to buy GTX 750 ti for my A8-7680 is it good or nah or should i save for GTX 1050 and should i worry about bottleneck? Never having a gpu in my life this literally my first time wanted to buy, reason i wanna buy gpu to use ram usage, because im using integrated graphic so you know...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] I cannot remove the graphics card from my ACER ASPIRE GX-281 motherboard

    Hello everyone, I would like to explain my problem to you 4 years ago I bought a computer already assembled afterwards last year I had a 1050 replaced by a 2060 by a computer specialist and today I have bought all the parts to assemble my new computer myself except that I would like to remove...
  11. Brijesh Sundi

    [SOLVED] can b450 tomahawk max II,Asrock pro4 will support geforce 210?

    I making new pc and i am running out of money(30k) my expected configuration: processor:-r3 3300x or r3 3600 motherboard:-msi b450 tomahawk max II or Asrock b450 pro4 ram:-16ram 3000mhz I have old pc which has i3 3220,16gb ram, geforce 210 graphic card,450 w psu By using this new pc...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Cyberpunk 20fps lock

    I have cyberpunk for a week now and at first I played with an rx 580 4gb where I had around 55-60 fps on low. Yesterday I got an Gtx 1060 6gb(not a big difference) but I wanted smth with more VRAM so this was for a trade 10$ more. Every game works fine and even better than with the rx 580 with...
  13. trogloditul

    [SOLVED] Upgraded my GPU but everything is a lot slower.

    To begin with, please understand that I cannot afford more and I hope I won't be judged by what antiqitues I run. I used to have an AMD Radeon HD 7850 2gb on the exact same setup as I have now, but I have bought and installed an AMD RX 480, the 8gb edition, Spahire Nitro to be more specific...
  14. Bhavya Jain

    [SOLVED] Need help !!

    So recenty I change my mobo to GIGABYTE H310 S2 2.0 and I am planning to change my graphics card for gaming and I thought to buy NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB EDITION but I am not sure whether it will fit in my mobo or not ... By the way my cpu is I3-8100 3.6GHZ and my Ram is 4gb(I am also planning to...
  15. HieuPhan

    [SOLVED] Dual GPU Installation - Help

    Hi, I built a PC with two graphic cards. One is Gigabyte turbo RTX 3090, the other is GALAX RTX 3090. The PC only detects one of them (I go to BIOS to check). I tested each GPU separately and they both worked. Now I have two concerns: 1) Do I need an NVLink to make the PC detect both GPUs...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] R9 280 causing crashes in idle and currupted Windows 10

    So, I have this one R9 280 which was in family PC, in idle it often crashed, freezed and restart was needed. I swapped gpu for GTX 1650 and we did not run into any problems So as I had spare old hardware I built my sister computer with that R9 280 and again, crashes in idle, but this time it...
  17. Bradensbro20051

    [SOLVED] $0-300 budget building/upgrading

    I already have ram, a monitor, and hard drives, im going for a budget future proof setup. For use of coding, games and general. Motherboard- CPU- A basic...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Which GPU should i get(wait for new gen or no)

    Well recently i've built new pc and the only thing i haven't changed was my graphics card(due to a budget limit),and now im looking for gpu that won't hold back my ryzen 5 3600 on 1080p 144hz. PC specs: MSI B450 Mortar Max 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZ GSKILL Aegis RX 470 4GB Sapphire Nitro BE Quiet Pure...
  19. abhihunt11

    Question crashing of the game

    My game is crashing in a mid way of gaming and after pressing ctrl+shift+O i get following results of certain parameters(Far cry 5): FPS 39 GPU UTILITY 100% CPU UTILITY 21% GPU SCLK 1234 Mhz GPU PWR 121W GPU CURRENT TEMPERATURE 72° GPU FAN 3246 rpm GPU VRAM UTILITY 4525mb GPU MCLK 1750 Mhz RAM...
  20. Mahmoudsmonem

    [SOLVED] z800 video card upgrade

    hey guys, would be grateful if you could help me update my video card, I have an old hp z800 workstation Specs: Hp z800 Two processors xeon x5675 3.10ghz Two rams ddr3 2x16 Ssd samsung 256 gb Hdd 1tb Motherboard ddr5 Graphics card Nvidia quadro 4000 ddr5 What is the best graphics videocard...
  21. 4galaxy7

    [SOLVED] Very poor Radeon R5 430 performance and FPS randomly switched between 20fps and 50fps

    I am playing Age of Empires 2 DE on my Dell Optiplex at 2650x1440 resolution. The PC benchmarking results are here. There seems to be a big issue with my graphics card, as the performance is in the 0th percentile . When I first played AOE2DE, the fps on lowest settings was around 15-20fps...
  22. ry1810

    [SOLVED] Is it ok to install both GeForce 630 and GeForce 730 at the same time?

    I have two low gpu, GeForce 630 and 730, the GeForce is placed at the PCIe x16 and the GeForce 630 is placed at the PCI x1, is it ok to have them at the same time?
  23. rey_youmy

    Question Gpu not being recognized by mb

    Hi, My rig Cpu: ryzen 5 1500x Gpu: 1060 6gb strix Mb: msi b350 tomahawk Ram: 2x8gb ddr4 2666mhz vengeance Psu: cm550 My pc was working perfectly fine the day before... Today on boot I had no video output with msi gpu ez_debug_led turned on... The graphics card leds turn on, fans spin, and...
  24. aionut6

    [SOLVED] i5 2400 rx 580

    i have: i5 2400 12gb ddr 3 320w psu(i will buy a 500-600w 80+ one) gt 1030 2gb i want to buy an rx 580 8gb from a friend but i don't know if will work(i mostly play dead by daylight and csgo) can someone tell me i if can upgrade? thanks
  25. Q

    [SOLVED] Is 1x6 pin to 2x8 pin adapters safe?

    I'm about to buy an rx 570 wich needs 1x8 pin, but my power supply only has 2x6 pin. I know that the 1x6 pin to 1x8 pin is not that safe, and the 2x6 pin to 1x8 pin is better, but I just can't find any in my country (Hungary) and if I want to buy 1, I have to buy it on Amazon, but it has the...
  26. KashxD

    Question Best GPU For A EVGA 400W PSU?

    I have a core i5 3470 and a Foxconn 2ABF Motherboard. What Would Be A Good Graphics Card For This?
  27. Johnleonardo15

    [SOLVED] Will gt220 give display to 860k with asus a68km-k?

    No display
  28. W

    [SOLVED] Which one should I buy Radeon rx570 4gb or gtx1060 6gb or gtx1650 super 4gb gddr6

    Hey I want to know which would be best buy Radeon rx570 4gb or gtx1060 6gb or gtx1650 super gddr6. I am getting rx570 4gb for 11000rs. And gtx1060 for 12500rs. And gtx1650 super gddr6 I tried to find used ones but not found . I have a budget around 12500rs. I do gaming on a 1366x768 monitor. I...
  29. K

    Question Graphic card upgrade

    hello! would like to listen to your advice about upgrading my graphic card on my pc. Currently have a lenovo Win8 STD MM DPK IPG motherboard. With a NVIDIA George GTX 950 graphic card. Would like to upgrade my graphic card without changing my motherboard. Is it possible? And which graphic...
  30. Juker

    [SOLVED] Upgrading a friends gaming pc

    Hello again guys, a friend of mine wants to upgrade his old gaming pc. His known specs are as listed below: Intel Core i5 2300 ASUS P8P67 Motherboard DDR3 Kingston 8GB 668.9 MHz frequency ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 No SSD I would apreciate your opinion in what to upgrade first and to what...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Screen freezes then goes black for a second and everything running crash

    Frequently my screen freezes for a second then goes black for a second then everything is back to normal except any game running will crash and any video I'm watching will become a dark green screen. I have this problem for 2 years since I built my pc and tried some stuff like updating /...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card doesn't appear

    I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my old laptop, at first it was fast but then it got really slow. When I right-click on desktop and choose "Screen resolution", then "Advanced Settings" and then "Adapter" it shows me this: View: (I'm sorry that I took the picture with...
  33. D


    Hi there, I just got secondhand GTX960 4GB SSC and I have been told that there was failed overclock to the card and then some savings, the story is really complicated so I won't enter it. My question is if there is any way to reset the cards BIOS or something just to be sure ?
  34. Equale24

    [SOLVED] What is GPU Temp and Power target, could keeping it low damage the GPU?

    Hello guys, I'm currently using ROG RTX 2060 GPU. And I am using GPU TWEAK II for ROG GPU's. I've seen that there was an setting of GPU Temp target and Power Target which are synchronized (you could unsync ofc). So here's the question, I wanna keep my GPU temprature as low as possible because...
  35. Adblockqt

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 super or RX5700-XT

    Hello everyone I have a pc which is a bit outdated I would like to put a rtx2060 super/RX 5700-XT in it would it support it? Power supply tr2 700w I7 4790 samsung evo 850 500gb wd Green 2tb Hyperx fury ddr3 1600 c10 2x8gb Asus MAXIMUS VII formula Wich graphics card is better?
  36. G

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my gpu

    Guys so i just removed my gtx 960 2gb cause i am getting a 1660 ti tommorow so i wanted to ask if i need to remove my old drivers? Ir what to do since i am pretty new with building/replacing hardware
  37. D

    [SOLVED] Is this graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

    My motherboard is 2ABF would a GTX 1650 be compatible with it? My system is a HP Pro 3400 MT Intel core i5 2400 if not, what would be a good card that is compatible with my system? I have a stinky GT 530 in right now :disrelieved:. Please help Thank you
  38. F

    [SOLVED] Kfa2 gtx 980 memory overheating

    Good day. Got an kfa2 gtx 980. Has a poor memeory vram heatsink. Wont sit perfectly and so thin aluminum that wont work wel. Temps for the gpu stays at 55 to 60 C under full load yet Every time i play bf1 at stock speeds. I get every few minutes dgxi device removed error. I restarts the...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] How do I avoid CPU/GPU bottlenecking?

    Basically, how do I know what GPU would pair with what CPU, and vice versa? What should i look for in a CPU and GPU to know that they are a good combination?
  40. TNorthern

    [SOLVED] Can someone tell me what driver I need to install on for this graphics card?

    I'm a new pc gamer and can't find the obvious answer on what driver I need to choose for this. My choice right now is Radeon RX Vega Series > Radeon RX Vega Series > Radeon RX Vega 56.