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  1. AndrewFreedman

    News Apple Aiming to Fix MacBook Pro Keyboards with New Materials

    Apple is making changes to the "butterfly mechanism" in its MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop keyboards in an attempt to make the keys more reliable. Apple Aiming to Fix MacBook Pro Keyboards with New Materials : Read more
  2. AndrewFreedman

    Article Supreme Court Rules Apple Anti-trust Lawsuits May Move Forward

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against Apple to allow customers to sue the company for allegedly driving up prices with monopolistic practices. Supreme Court Rules Apple Anti-trust Lawsuits May Move Forward : Read more
  3. Endre

    Question Copy/Paste speed difference: macOS vs. Windows PC

    A friend of mine owns a macOS laptop (CPU: Intel i5, 16GB DDR4, OSX on SSD). He copied a 33GB file from his internal drive to the desktop in about 1 second! I own a Desktop PC (CPU: Intel i7-9700K, 16GB DDR4, Windows 10 x64 on SATA-SSD). I copied a 16GB file from Local Disk C to the Desktop...
  4. L

    Question Apple to Pay Qualcomm Over $4.5B In Past Licensing Fees

    In its Q2 earnings report, Qualcomm said that Apple owes the chipmaker between $4.5 and $4.7 billion after the two companies settled their lawsuit in April. Apple to Pay Qualcomm Over $4.5B In Past Licensing Fees : Read more
  5. L

    Info Apple Reportedly Snatched Intel's Top 5G Developer Before Qualcomm Settlement

    Leaked email shows that Apple hired Intel's lead developer for 5G technology only a few weeks before the iPhone maker settled the legal battle with Qualcomm. Apple Reportedly Snatched Intel's Top 5G Developer Before Qualcomm Settlement : Read more
  6. LordVile

    MacBook Air vs Surface laptop 2

    Thinking about getting a laptop for light work paired with a desktop for gaming etc. So want a lightweight but capable machine. Would be looking at the bottom spec for either, I am prepared to learn MacOS and I do have an iPhone + Apple Music which are obviously pluses for the MacBook...
  7. M

    Question Basic USB-C to Thunderbolt 3 Question

    Can I connect a Thunderbolt 3 HUB to a MacBook 12" (non-Thunderbolt 3) USB-C port and still have all HUB ports usable (ignoring drop in transfer speed)? HUB in question: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock I know OWC sells USB-C HUB model, but...
  8. D

    Question How to Use Apple/iOS Emojis on Windows 10?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any way to use Apple/iOS emojis on Windows 10? I need to use emojis for something, but I think the emojis on Windows 10 are relatively ugly compared to Apple/iOS emojis. Does anyone know of any way at all to use Apple/iOS emojis on Windows 10? Or is there a...
  9. A

    Question 2012 Macbook Air vs more recent Windows laptop

    Hi, I'm in the market for a laptop to work on the go: web browsing, editing in Wordpress, writing in Word, some light Photoshop, watching movies... Nothing too demanding, but it's important that I can do it smoothly. I have the chance to get a 2012 Macbook Air (i5-3427u, 4 GB RAM, 128 SSD) for...
  10. Report: Apple's Not Sure Intel Can Supply 5G iPhone Modems

    Apple is reportedly worried that Intel won't be able to supply enough wireless modems for the launch of its first 5G iPhone in 2020. Read more here. NATHANIEL MOTT @nathanielmott Nathaniel Mott is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software and hardware component news.
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] what operating system is recommended for an unsupported white macbook

    Hello, earlier this week i found my old white macbook laptop that has a cracked screen, i used this laptop back when it came out (i think 2008 or 2009) in those days it was a very fast and efficient laptop (im a windows user now btw). one day the screen broke and i remember it costed like half...
  12. A

    Question Macbook pro 2017 storage issue

    So I own MacBook pro-2017, but I have an issue with the storage. The deal is that "system" takes up close to 300 GB of storage (precisely it is 291,21 GB). I have tried several cleaning programmes but nothing seems to work, so I'm asking if I have to do a hard reset of my mac or if there is an...
  13. News Intel Confirms Apple Macs Will Switch to Arm CPUs by 2020, Says Report

    Two different reports from this week point to Apple working on switching Macs to its own chips and allowing iOS developers to port their apps to Macs. Read more here. LUCIAN ARMASU @Lucian Armasu Lucian Armasu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software news and the...
  14. J

    Question Help between two types of monitors for gaming?

    So I just recently built my first computer. I have an Asus strix 2080, i7-9700k, and 16GB 3200Mhz Corsair ram. The monitor I just bought is a 24” Dell that is 1440p, 1ms response time, and 144hz. It was on a sweet deal, but I worried about the fact that it is TN panel. (Model is S2417DG) I was...
  15. R

    Question Line In stereo through laptop mic socket

    ASUS N56VM, Windows 8.1. The problem: Realtek HD audio ( shows 2 channel 16 bit DVD input for the microphone. But it only records the left channel and copies it to the right so in effect giving a mono input. The mic is 2 channel stereo. No problem recording stereo internally. No...
  16. D

    Question Why does my Galaxy S9 show that I'm on a 5Ge network?

    Someone on the internet said that my phone doesn't have the right antenna for 5G. But at the top it says 5G. I have AT&T.
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Started My First PC Build, Need 3 More Items On A $250 Budget!

    Have the Moba/CPU/RAM/GPU so far but i still need a good power supply, SSD (pref 500gig) and a case (pref good airflow and quietness?), I have $250 to work with. Here's what i have so far,
  18. D

    Question MSI GV72 7RE. BSOD after installing Dragon Center app.

    Hey. I have a strange problem with my MSI GV72 7RE. After "MSI Dragon Center" and "System Control Manager (SCM)" installation (dedicated to my laptop, I tried installing version from the CD I had in box, and newest from MSI site), after unplugging battery I have BSOD with code :"CRITICAL...
  19. E

    Question why is my i7-870 overheating?

    i think i know why its running around 90c on battlefield one with a stock cooler it makes sense to why because i mean its a stock cooler and bf1 is high intensive game i may answer my own question here but it goes even higher then 90 sometimes now idle its ok its less than 50 around 42 on...
  20. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] Looking for new mouse

    Hi all So my current mouse has seen better days and I was looking to get a new one. I do my fair share of gaming but I also do a lot of desktop work. There are quite a few options out there and am not sure what to look for. What are your suggestions? Also for price, I would like to keep it...
  21. V

    Question Wifi adapter keeps disconnecting every 20-30 seconds after 1803 update

    Recently, I reset the TCP/IP configurations and everything worked perfectly for a few days but now the problem is back. I pretty much did most of what is on these pages:

    Question Pc not booting and beeps

    Hey.Yesterday , I was downloading something on my pc and I decided to let it on in the afternoon. When I came back home. The pc was off . When I turned it on, It was beeping three times without booting. Can you help me with fixing it guys .here is the video s link...
  23. lipzi

    [SOLVED] Ultrawide vs dual monitor?

    So, I'm planning to get a new monitor/two new monitors. But the problem is, Are the Ultrawides worth the extra cash? I can get 2 144hz Monitors with a vesa mount for 440€ but an ultrawide 144hz with vesa mount is 560 bucks. Is it worth it? I heard that the experience on an ultrawide is awesome...
  24. T

    Question need help with watercooling

    Hello everybody im going to be building a watercooled desk pc and have been looking around at some parts and I have been worried about corrosion I just want to know if I will run into any problems with the components im thinking of using?? CPU block: Thermaltake pacific w5 pump/res: Thermaltake...
  25. Bryza72

    Question Which processor for my Motherboard HP MS-7613

    Hi all I have purchased an old pc for my wife. Not sure which processor to go with. She wants it for GTA and Steam. At the moment it is running with a i5 650 Clarkdale. GTA is running ok but lags sometimes. Windows 10 Pro 8Gb memory (I will be increasing to 16gb) Nvidia GT1030 Motherboard: HP...
  26. J

    [SOLVED] UPS Suggestion for my PC

    Hello guys please help me find a decent cheap or mid price UPS for my rig. Heres my specs. Gigabyte b450m ds3h Ryzen 3 2200g Gtx 1050ti 2x hdd 72krpm 1tb Monitor 24 inch 2x4 gskill ram Seasonic Ss-620Gm2 M12Ii-620W 80Plus Bronze Full Modular Psu 5 fans insert directly I found something on...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Slow boot, looks for a drive for a long time.

    Hello, I have a Windows 10 on SSD and also 1TB HDD. few months ago I disconnected SSD and connected a drive with windows 8.1 from a laptop (without disconnecting my HDD) After I copied data from disk I connected my SSD back I found out the Windows 8.1 changed a lot of on my HHD - for example all...
  28. D

    Question GTX 1060 low fps

    I mostly play rainbow six siege and usually get around 120 fps i have a gtx 1060 3gb and im getting like 60 fps right now any solution and i may add that i have installed the most recent nividia drivers
  29. byler47

    [SOLVED] 5v & 12v RGB Headers

    I'm pretty new to the RGB thing, but I just bought a 6 pack of RGB fans to bling my PC up a bit. The hub takes a 4 pin fan and 3 pin 5v RGB header. My motherboard is a B350M Bazooka, and I'm not seeing a 3 pin 5v RGB Header anywhere, but I do see a 4 pin 12v one. Did I screw up? Is there an...
  30. A


    Hey,I want to buy the PRIME B450-PLUS but i have a question abut the rgb headrr: Will it support a splitter with 1 rgb fan and a rgb strip(30 cm i think it was)? Thank you! Edit: I have an AsRock AB350m Pro4
  31. M

    Question Upgrade from GTX1050 2GB

    I'm running a budget build from a couple years ago. FX8350 cpu, 8GB ram, with the 2gb 1050. I make more money now, but I'm not interested in building a new PC at this moment. Though I want to upgrade my GPU. I game at 1080p. Im looking at the Rtx2060 cards, but I'm here for suggestions for a...
  32. O

    [SOLVED] I5-3570k For LGA 1155 Socket???

    So, basically... I want to get there I5-3570k...upgrade it from Pentium G630..Will it work? I have Motherboard Foxconn 2ABF.. Its really, really really really old!!!! :O
  33. X

    Question firmware fail bios fail?

    ok so i updated the firmware in the hp pavillion 570-p000 and after that i have no display, and it will not boot or really do anything. i get power and i have trouble-shot the hardware inside the pc so im left to believe the bios is corrupted. here is a link for my pc--...
  34. T

    Question Integrated GPU isn't displaying image after dedicated GPU died

    Today a was playing a game on my PC. The screen froze and headphones played a repeating tone. This did not end and no keyboard press did anything, so I restarted PC via harware button. When the computer restated screen was full of little lines. Those appear in BIOS and in Windows. I think that...
  35. O

    Question Can a Corsair 520w power supply power a gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming?

    Hi everybody, Im thinking of getting a GTX 980 (Gigabyte G1 Gaming) to upgrade my current GTX 670. I currently have a corsair 520w power supply. I went to see the recommended wattage for the GTX 980 on gigabyte's website, and it recommends 600 watts. Im worried that my 520 watt powersupply...
  36. Sugbk

    Question screwdriver required to open gtx 750ti?

    Hi, I would like to open the card and remove some dust. But as it seems there have been used some screws that can only be removed with a special screwdriver
  37. K

    Question Wanting to upgrade from my msi gtx 970

    Wanting to upgrade my performance on my pc. Mostly play apex legends. What is some good options to upgrade. Price range around 300-400 but cheaper the better My specs are Intel i7 4970k 16 GB ddr5 ram 600 power supply
  38. U

    Question can i hve 2 hdds and 1 ssd

    my motherboard is asus h61m-cs 4xsata 3.0gb/s ports will this one work
  39. C

    Question Wifi takes longer time to respond than mobile data

    When connected to WiFi and trying to install any app from playstore it keeps on showing "downloading" for about 3-4 mins and then download starts while on mobile data the response is quick. Same is with some Standoff 2 takes infinite time(waited till I ran out of patience) to load but...
  40. R

    Question 1440p is about 100x darker than 4k? (serious) Screenshots to prove. Help?

    (If this isn't the right topic then move it to gaming if you want) Here's the deal, I'm playing skyrim (with mods) ...and i've been trying to figure out why my game is so incredibly dark. So i've been troubleshooting mods etc. Anyway it has nothing to do with mods, I found the reason...