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Need advice on upgrading onboard graphics


Sep 3, 2011
What I'm doing is building a budget gaming rig, and for now, I need something that can play pretty much most games out there, even on 800 x 600 lowest graphics. I just need 40+ fps. The more I save on the GPU now, the better the system specs on everything else can/will be. My options are:
$10 - Zotac GeForce 8400GS 512MB
$20 - Gigabyte Radeon HD 5450 512MB
$25 - Galaxy GeForce 9500GT 512MB
$30 - Gigabyte Radeon HD 6450 512MB
$30 - Zotac GeForce GT 520 1024MB
$30 - Zotac GeForce GT 430 1024MB
$40 - Sparkle GeForce GT 210 1024MB
$44 - Zotac GeForce GT 440 1024MB
$45 - XFX Radoeon HD 4670 1024MB
$50 - Zotac GeForce 9800GT 512MB
$50 - Gigabyte Radeon HD 5670 1024MB
$60 - Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 1024MB

And for 13 cents I can get a NGTX 999GSTi+ Superoverubermegaclocked 14TB of GDDR8 SDRAM, but I don't think it's a good deal...

Which one has the best performance/value ratio? I'm only looking to play Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion, Valve games and stuff for now, then I plan to get a GTX 580Ti or something at Christmas.

P.S. My current specs are...
AMD Athlon II X4 645 3.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE
Antec Earthwatts 650W
512GB Solid State


Nov 12, 2009
I'm not sure how your specs there are budget but anyway i have a 512MB version of the 5670 and i can run crysis 2 on max settings at about 19-35 fps depending on the action/scenery.

as for valve games depending i get anywhere from 50 to over 300 (tf2 and hl2dm) plus its easily overclocked (mine isn't) using the Catalyst control center. also takes alot less power than your power supply dishes out mine is running on a 300W supply i shoved it in a 300 $ computer i had.

as budget gaming goes its the best ive seen.

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