Oct 7, 2011
Sometime in the next few weeks, I plan on building my first Gaming PC. I'll be ordering parts soon, and I was just looking for some advice as to how good this would be overall, and whether or not it'll play the latest games now and in a years time.




Intel i5 2500k

Not entirely sure if I'm confident enough to overclock it as I've never attempted it before, being an ex console gamer. But incase I do I'm going to buy the overclockable one.

Graphics Card

I'm not entirely sure here either, I've done a lot of research on this, but the options are so wide and varied it's hard to tell. I like the look of the Radeon HD 6950, but I understand that the GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 can run dual graphics cards, any advice on that would be lovely.

Anyway thank you too anyone who responds for putting up with my limited hardware knowledge!
You need to let us know your budget because as you have stated "the options are so wide and varied". Also are you planning sli/crossfire? With your budget are you planning on Ram , case , psu , cpu fan/heatsink and dvd r/rw.







Here are some things to look at and then you can decide if they fit in your budget.


For the processor, it is very easy to OC, you can probably do a "conservative" OC just by copying the settings someone else posted; that is what I did, took me 2 minutes and I'm now at 4.5Ghz.

Anyway, for the RAM, I would suggest some G.Skill Ripjaw X, it's good, inexpensive and this specific kit is in most of Gigabytes' MB supported list.

For the board, it's not bad, but not excellent either; the 2nd PCI-e slot is only 4x so if you ever want to add a 2nd video card, it will be slowed down. I don't know how much they sell that model for, but as an alternative I can vouche for the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.