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Dec 10, 2014
Alright so I'm in a bit of a bind. My PC redacted itself tonight and I live in a small cramped apt with a baby girl. A complete teardown and breadboard would be ideal, but not able to be achieved atm due to space constraints. I'm really just asking for best guesses here if no one has experience with this sort of issue.

So here's the deal, I was messing around with Steam controller support, (probably not related, but in the interest of full picture), and my Corsair RGB keyboard suddenly went back to Asus MOBO collors and started flashing. After that I tried to figure out what was up by mousing to Firefox and Google. Only I couldn't enter text with the keyboard at all. So I decided to restart with windows option.

Now when it did it seemed to skip the usual, "Windows is shutting down", message and go straight to black after a short pause. It seemed to attempt a restart and then failed. I have a Phanteks case so the lights lit up and then went black again. After a moment when I realized it wouldn't restart I did a manual. It did start to the same case colors, but nothing more. No POST, and no colors to peripherals, M/K etc. Only thing I did notice was the fans weren't spinning, but the pump was. FYI this is an EK waterblocks cooled system with redundant pump, oversize rads for CPU and GPU, I'll list specs at the end. *UPDATE, turns out the fans on the top of the case are functional, just not the front, bottom or rear. Also, I have the Asus front base still operating and in fact I can draw power to charge a phone from it. It's showing CPU as 0 Ghz, 0Rpm's and 34C at time lf shutdown so not exactly overheating.

So to recap, keyboard went nuts, but windows and FFox still working at that time. Reboot failed to POST as have all other attempts. Power to MOBO as I can still see the error code on it, (00), waterpumps work, top fans only work. Case lights work. Asus front base still working and I can charge a phone on front USB ports.

I've reseated the RAM in every possible configuration because that's really the only thing I can reach in this cramped apt is that. Not the problem it turns out. Corsiar RGB k70? Keyboard.
Asus front base.

Please help. Need an inkling on where to start. A complete breakdown may be inevitable, but not possible with my current living/family sit.

Phanteks Primo case
Asus Maximus VII Hero
Devils Canyon CPU
Evga 1000W platinum
Corsair Vengeance RAM 16GB
EK waterblocks for GPU, CPU, dual redundant pump, 400 rad, 270 rad, (off memory, it's been a while, but they're big), Phanteks fans every where and yes I'm using additives and vapor distilled water ultra purified water..
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Unless you try and start a process of elimination(i.e via breadbaording) you're looking at likely guesses and most often, expenses based off of guesses which is more expensive than taking time out and diagnosing the problem with parts.

You should list your specs like so:

Devil's canyon helps us understand the lineage but not the exact model for the processor. You should be able to get display off your iGPU. Given how this is a watercooled system, you're going to have to break out that stock cooler.

Which version of the BIOS are you on, for your motherboard?