[SOLVED] Need help finding best CPU for socket 478

I usually never ask question more often then not I answer them but this PC is OLD. I will provide as much information as possible.

Why do I want to do this- Doesn't matter :p

Desktop- Dimision XPS 1st gen 2003 --- Link to review of same system : https://www.anandtech.com/show/1195

Chipset - Intel 875P chipset

I just want to know what the best for time time CPU is that would work in this system - Please provide the model number or a eBay link please. I hear its a 3.4ghz p4 but I am having a hard time locating it.

I would be very thankful for this information.


Jun 9, 2021
Even if you find one, it will be a laggard in performance...

I'd really recommend most folks abandon this ...nostalgia pipedream. :)
You wouldn't go ahead and call a C64 laggard, right? Since it's obviously not about raw performance, I'd save OP the exhortations to the effect that a 10th-gen Celeron will fly circles around anything from that era, CPU and GPU included, et cetera.:LOL:

EDIT: Speaking of Celeron...I wonder how many P4-era processors still for sale anywhere are not actually remarked Celerons, which in no doubt have retired in great quantity.
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Thanks for the help. As for mdd1963 remark (I'd really recommend most folks abandon this ...nostalgia pipedream. ) It's something for me to do. I enjoy messing with these old systems. I was just curious about upgrade as I have never messed with the Dimision XPS line prior to this.

Thank you for the replies.
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