need help finding information about an auditing tool.


Nov 29, 2003
I understand this is in the wrong forum but I do not know where else to post since the other software section at tom's only gets one hit every few hours.

There is a program called ACL auditing and reporting. It is a software utility that is used by auditors to download financial and other information from companies they are auditing. I am currently employed at a smaller firm in which few people know how to use this software and I would like to learn. If possible does anyone know any websites or (Free) tutorials where I could learn about this software. Thanks again for helping sorry if I bothered the hardcorers with this post in the wrong section


Dec 15, 2005
Yep...too bad we can't help you either since most of us are game enthusiasts not Network Admins. Heck I have an MCSE but I don't have any advice for you...except you do need to go to the software forum. At least there you can bet that a reply will be more accurate than a reply from a 15 year old here that thinks they're a know-it-all :wink: