Question Need help finding the bad component (causing computer to freeze)


Dec 28, 2018
I'm having random complete freezes on my Windows PC.
My screen freezes(with image), everything on the motherboard keeps running(fans running, audio lights on, gpu lights on, internet connection blinking) but after some seconds the keyboard and mice turns off. It seems to happens in specific games, and rarely while using windows RDP (Remote Desktop Connection).
Most days it won't happen even if I use the computer the whole day working with RDP or playing games (if I'm playing Cities Skylines, or Battlechasers Night War, it will freeze at some point for sure, no matter the graphics quality, haven't happened on other games).
Some weeks ago, I was having this only while playing the specific games and almost everytime there was an event log related to ram (I remember beign something about heap corruption searching for the code online, which I guess was 0xc0000005) and that the radeon software stopped working, I had two 4gb sticks, so I've swapped them and tested individually on the ram slots, and it seemed that one ram stick was bad since the computer refused to start with only this particular stick(although no problems in the windows ramtest, and no problems on ramtest86), I removed it and used only the good one, then switched to a single 8gb stick. Some days passed and I'm getting freezes again (only on the said games, rarely using RDP, only once on widows login screen), but now I don't have any event anymore on the event viewer, only a forced shutdown event caused when I use the physical button to restart while the system is frozen.

My specs are MSI A320M Pro VH-Plus motherboard, Ryzen 5 1600, single 8gb ram stick, RX580 4gb, 550w psu, and two SSD's.

Does someone have any suggestion to what I can do that doesn't require additional other hardware? I can't afford atm.