Need help identifying IBM computer


Dec 10, 2007
Hey guys, I recently repaired a friend of my dad's computer. As I was getting ready to leave he asked me if I wanted this extra computer he had, I sad sure. The only thing that doesn't wok on this computer is the display, it just stays completely black. I've connected this computer to a monitor and get a picture. Really what I am trying to figure out is how can I disassemble this case to see if I can possibly replace the screen, if not i'm going to part it out. Problem is, whoever used the computer actually removed the label where the model number or serial number should be, it looks like it was used in a hospital or something because there physiciannet sticker on it. So far what I have found is the computers is some sort of IBM Netvista variation, I just can't find which exact model. So if anyone has any information or can identify which model IBM computer this is please share thx





RM a UK computer company used to use that machine and brand it as there own. they work in education, but they may be able to help, just google it. or i think the link is

hope this helps... u can check if you just google rm all-in-one

thank you