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  1. A

    Question Problem Configuring Mesh Network For Steam Streaming?

    I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk x4s mesh extender so I could extend my wifi upstairs to my desktop and stream my steam games downstairs (thanks to the extender's configuration setting for one wifi name). Initially it worked perfectly, and I was able to stream downstairs exactly as i...
  2. R

    Question Lots of Connection Issues not from my Network

    First off, actually read this. Y'all are really bad about skimming and then asking people looking for help questions they've already answered in the OP. I tried to be thorough here, all the information I have and that y'all regularly ask for is here. Now to the problem itself. My desktop PC is...
  3. L

    Question Some Games does not recognise any of my Controllers

    So this problem only applies to some games such as DC universe Online,Sekiro,Borderlands 2 so far. But the weird thing is that all other games such as for example Resident Evil 2,Injustice2,etc all works perfectly fine. I've tried to go wired and for sekiro and DCUO and it still doesn't work...
  4. mangaman

    Question Steam games to new OS

    I'm still thinking about upgrading my PC this summer from an Intel Pentium, to an AMD RyZen. I know I have to reinstall Windows along with some other things, such as antivirus. That being said, I was wondering on how to transfer my steam games to the new OS. My OS is installed on an SSD, while...
  5. J

    Question Steam Re-sizing, incorrectly displaying game files HELP

    To keep things short, I have bad internet and have copied game files from another friends copy of a steam game to my own computer. Steam recognises the files, however, steam also resizes (compresses?) the files down to an amount much lower than the original folder and then gives me the prompt...
  6. A

    Question Quick Question About My Low PERFORMANCE IN RUST

    So I have a 1070 STRIX a RYZEN 6 1500 AND 16 GB OF RAM. My question to you is, is my CPU bottle necking my GPU and that causes the low performance because it is aggravating me
  7. B

    Question Steam games say uninstalled but still taking up space

    Hello! I am in need of space on my computer, and so I went to my storage settings. My biggest folder is my Steam games. However when I went to check what games were in it, most of the storage was being taken up by games I had already deleted. It seems like Steam just rendered the games...
  8. G

    Question Serious issue with XBOX one controller

    Hello. I'm currently experiencing a weird and very troublesome issue with my XBOX one controller (wired). Some games, like Sekiro, Monster Hunter World or Tekken 7 just freezes at launch when the controller is plugged (sometimes the game launch, but most of the times the screen just goes blank...
  9. R

    Question Steam games not loading

    I can't open any Steam games on my computer. They were working fine about 2 weeks ago, but now they won't open. I think I the problem is that my geforce drivers aren't up to date, but every time I try to update it says update failed for every part of it. Does anyone know what is going on with my...
  10. Lenny Confetti

    Question help pc freezing

    this is a really annoying problem that i've had for about a week now basically my computer freezes for 2-10 seconds at a time whenever it feels like. it usually does it once or twice every couple of minutes. as you can imagine this is extremely painful when playing games. i've discovered that it...
  11. F

    Question Problems connecting to game (Steam/Origin) servers

    so this has been going on for a few days, my internet works perfectly fine in browsers, spotify, etc, and internet speedtests give me Download speeds of around 30Mb and Uploads of ~5Mb, with a ping of 20. However, when i try to play a game I get extreme lags with ping of around 200-300. To...
  12. B

    Question Gta 5 on steam price

    Guys how much it cost to buy gta 5 online on steam? And if i dont have gta 5 should i buy it , than buy the online ? Or just the online version
  13. gergi2000

    Question SSD Steam Download Spikes.

    Hello firstly sorry for my bad english. I have a Crucial Bx500 ssd Ahci mode enabled when dowloading a torrents its do very fast but when downloading in steam i get random stops/spikes. View: why steam do this? My pc...
  14. M

    Question Passwords and settings got erased when forcing shutdown

    Hi. I think my SSD is almost at the end of its life, because I'm having similar issues from my old SSD that was at the end of its life. I tried booting things, Steam, when I load a game it freezes steam and Task Manager can't close it. I then proceed to restart the computer, but only got a...
  15. K

    Question Steam Games Shortcut Turned into URL Files

    So all of my steam game shortcuts went from exe to url how do I change them back I tried reinstalling that didn't work what should I do next?
  16. Question Blue Circle at the right side of screen

    My friend recently found this blue circle on his screen when loading Team Fortress 2. He says it only occurs when playing Steam games and no where else, not even on his desktop. We've tried all we could find but nothing worked. If anyone knows about this or needs more information, i can ask my...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Steam won't recognize my installed games

    I recently bought a new SSD and did a clean install of windows 10 on it but while doing that i had to wipe the HDD with windows already on it, this HDD also had steam installed on it. So i bootted into windows and installed steam again but when i launched steam i notices that it said that none...
  18. R

    Question Do I need Windows installed to my SSD to play games?

    Hey everyone, Finally getting around to installing an SSD on my computer. It's 250 GB, and I want to use it as a secondary drives to play Steam Games (my current, main HDD is a terabyte). I'm just wondering if I need to have my OS installed on the SDD in order for it to play games. The drive...
  19. HarrisonHo1209

    Question PC locks up

    So my PC just freezes whenever I play games, and it occurs randomly. Whenever it locks up, the screen just freezes, mouse and keyboard controls don't work, audio seems to stay static, the LEDs of my case fans are still on. But I have to reset it by pressing the reset button on my case. After the...
  20. S

    Question core i9 7940x all Core

    Hola, quiero saber. Tengo core i9 7940x hago overclocking Core all 4.1GHZ y Core Volt 1.100V es correcto? otro solucionado. me respesta. Gracias. ------------------------------- Hi I would like to know. I have a core i9 7940x I do overclocking Core all 4.1GHZ and Core Volt 1.100V is correct...