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    Question Disk usage and Steam Write errors ?

    Working with a brand new Samsung Evo 870, and this pc has had this issue across multiple storage devices. When downloading a game through steam, and ONLY through steam, it will go well for about 15% of the download. After about that much, (It's never a consistent amount) the disk usage steadily...
  2. willyburns

    Question Cyberpunk 2077 crashing as soon as the splash screen starts?

    This is a brand new build and a fresh install of the game that was working flawlessly for maybe 10 hours, and yet today after booting through the CDPR frontend it loads and I get the distorted Cyberpunk logo with music and then it crashes with an error report. I have tried DDU in SAFE mode and...
  3. S

    Question Disk activity while decompressing

    For the past few months, I've been encountering unusual problems when downloading games on Steam. Despite having a 1 gigabit per second (gbps) network connection, Steam's download speed consistently remains at 50-60 megabytes per second (MB/s). This discrepancy doesn't seem to be related to my...
  4. Rakibulhassanrabby

    Question Steam download shuts off WiFi access to all other WiFi devices ?

    So I am having quite a peculiar issue here. So when I download something from Steam let's say a game, it downloads that game but all the other devices that are running on the same wifi lose their internet connection. I have never seen anything quite like this. It's important to mention that if...
  5. Nexon 5

    Question Odd BSOD with Steam ?

    Hello there! I hope you guys are doing fine! Been running into an extremely odd problem lately. My PC seems to be BSODing whenever I download SQUAD from Steam (hasn't happened yet with other games, I think). I'm already 20GB into the download but it's hard to continue it any further since it'll...
  6. dam30___

    Question Chrome and Steam really slow after installing new GPU ?

    Hey guys, I bought a new GPU (Galax 1650 EX) and I noticed that now my PC takes more time to launch Steam and it´s almost impossible to navigate through Chrome tabs if I´m downloading a large file. The system works fine and the game performance is okay as expected, but the only weird thing is...
  7. P

    Question How do I Allocate more RAM to Games?

    Hi, so recently I purchased the new Forza Motorsport game on Steam, and after doing performance tests, I realized that absolutely nothing is limiting my FPS, yet the FPS dances around 90. CPU is always below 10%, GPU is also below 10% (and VRam is at 4GB), RAM is holding solid at 14GB without...
  8. I

    Question Steam and game keeps crashing a few seconds after or on startup after changing to SSD

    My specs z97k i7-4790k rtx 2070 16gb ram corsair tx850w Before, the only SSD I had on this computer was for the boot drive, I played all the games on HDD. I have 2 HDDs on this, one for installed files another for storage. I decided to buy an SSD to improve loading times and such and to play...
  9. kardinalfm84

    Question PC freezes when closing Steam games installed on external SSD ?

    Hey guys, since recently my PC permanently freezes when closing steam games running from my external SSD. During gameplay, everything is fine and the problem only occurs when running games from the external SSD on steam. If i run the games internally or externally from another client like GOG...
  10. PaPies

    Question Slow Steam Downloads, I can temporarily fix the problem /w Video

    CPU: 10700k CPU cooler: 360ML AIO Coolermaster Motherboard: z490 Gaming X Gigabyte Ram: 16x2 3200Mhz SSD/HDD: 4SSD/2HDD GPU: RTX 3080 PSU: V750 Gold Coolermaster fully modular OS: Windows 11
  11. J

    Question Computer freezes when steam launches

    for the past week or two my PC has been freezing shortly after startup. after finally figuring how to boot in safe mode(why did they have to change it from just pressing f8 or whatever key to that convoluted way) and disabling all the startup programs I seemed to have fixed it. skip foward to 2...
  12. W

    Question Accidently ran a .SCR and found malware, is there any more around?

    Hi, I accidently ran a .SCR sent to me via an artstation message. After a about 2 weeks my Steam was compromised and i was aware of my mistake after my items were sold on steam marketplace. Changed my passwords and Malwarebytes picked up a few of the viruses and removed them. Just wondering if...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] FPS drop in some games ?

    Hello, I bought a pre-built PC in december and have had some trouble with certain games but nothing that could not be resolved with some tweaks like turning off steam/geforce experience/EA/ubisoft connect overlay, setting the texture filtering from quality to performance from nvidia control...
  14. Camfred30

    Question Rocket League overlay bug - - - - grey circle ?

    my friend has this weird issue on whenever he enters freeplay on rocket league he gets this grey circle overlay and it changes size whenever he changes resolution, want to know how to get rid of it. cannot find anything online over it. ive attatched a link to what it looks like. thank you
  15. G

    Question Adapter Of Controller (Left in back of PC)

    Hello, So I bought an Xbox 360 unbranded controller from eBay to play my favorite racing game on PC but I was wondering If I could leave the adapter of the controller plugged in at the back and if I turn off the pc will the adapter turn off as well and if I turn it on again will the adapter turn...
  16. P

    Question steam and blizzard downloas speed max 1.2MB/s

    Hi, i have a problem since last friday where my download speed on and steam are only reaching as high as 1.2MB/s. when i download on chrome, i get almost 50MB/s and i have a 1gigabit network at home, that at the moment of writing gets up to 580Mb/s. i already tried using another...
  17. ReHack

    Question Bug or Bad System? (Judgment on steam only getting around 30 FPS)

    The game uses DX12 as the API, weirdly enough I get the same FPS on any setting (extra low-high at 1080p) I get around 23 fps - 32 fps (23 on crowdy areas, 30s on less crowdy areas) , yes the framecap is on 60 , I only get 60s on the main menu and the pause menus, I get around 40s on cutscenes...
  18. unchada

    Question GTA V registers twice ?

    i downloaded gta v from steam and now in storage part of windows settings it registers twice, once as a separate app and once as integrated steam storage. like steam is showing 175 gb which adds up to gta and other games but then there is the gta v app that registers 109 gb can anyone tell me...
  19. VermilionNeko

    Question Can’t use PS4 controller on Windows 11 ?

    Hi I’m really stuck with this. I recently bought a new gaming laptop over Christmas and very recently started setting it up. However, one thing I can’t get working is my PS4 controller. I’ve yet to try my Xbox 360 wired controller, so once I have, I’ll report back about that. The PS4 controller...
  20. Q

    Question Low SSD write speed when downloading via Steam

    Good afternoon! Could anyone explain to me, why I have low write speed with SSD when I am downloading a game in Steam? I have an internet connection with stable speed of 1500+ Mbits/s. So, since I have an SSD, I expect a downloading speed of the game via Steam of about 1500/8 ~ 190 MBytes/s...
  21. aden.anderson2001

    [SOLVED] Making an app without proxy settings use system proxy on windows 11

    Hello. I'm hosting a connection from my phone to my router using an app called everyproxy. Therefor with whatever device i connect to that router i get that IP and port. I have set my windows settings on my PC to use that proxy, through windows settings. My phone-hosted IP is detected on my...
  22. D

    Question Is my computer limiting my download speeds?

    I pay for a 500mbps internet plan and I test about as much on My download speeds on Steam are about 20mb/s, on the Xbox app 5mb/s on Epic Games it's about 10mb/s. My friend with a gigabit connection and a considerably stronger PC (RTX 3060, I'm not sure about the CPU but it...
  23. R

    Question Can't boot with two sticks of RAM

    I have an Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming that i recently bought a 5700x to update my Performance on the cheap. I upgraded to 6042 that supports 5000 series and now i can only boot with one stick of Memory on the Board. It won't boot at all with two sticks in. Things I've tried Tried another CPU...
  24. T

    Question Flight sim downloads at extremely slow speeds compared to steam

    I am getting an average of 30mbps when downloading something on steam and when i try downloading flight sim i get 3mbits/s
  25. Zxya

    Question Drives disappearing after opening/downloading any game.

    This started happening when I reinstalled windows because my ram got damaged a year ago, i tried playing games and a lot of the time they crash and the drive disappears, this first happened with steam and now almost every game. i need help.
  26. E

    [SOLVED] Moving Steam Folder to Reduce File Size to Copy Drive

    I'm looking to purchase a 1TB SSD to replace my old and slow 2TB HDD as my system drive. Problem is, because it's only 1TB, I need to reduce my current hard drive's used storage (currently around 1.7TB) to 1TB in order to copy the drive. In order to do this quick and easy, I figured I'd simply...
  27. NoobxCamper

    [SOLVED] Asus PCIe Card Disconnecting When Downloading

    I keep having this problem with my Asus PCIe wifi card that keeps disconnecting me if I am downloading any large file(s) after maybe 5-10 minutes of downloading. However, this only happens when I am connected to the 5ghz network, and works fine on the 2.4ghz network, albeit slower. I updated all...
  28. E

    Question New Western Digital internal hard drive crashes everything it touches

    A friend and I were installing a new hard drive into his computer, and once we started installing games (after formatting it) every platform that wants to install a game onto the new volume crashes. We've managed to install destiny 2, which works, but installing Valorant only causes riot games...
  29. A

    Question Storage SSD stopped working for Steam ?

    Hey, As the title says last night when i tried to play "Dead by Daylight" my game froze and crashed. Trying to play it again i got an error saying "an error occurred while updating invalid platform". I verified the file and updated it. When i reopened steam all my games in the same location...
  30. H

    Question Steam 'Not Enough Disk Space' Problem

    Hey i was downloading elden ring yesterday, turned off pc at %98 after that it was saying no space. Steamlibrary/steamapps/common/EldenRing is empty but there is a elden ring on steamapps/downloading so how can i make the steam see my elden ring on that file or any help ...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] PS5 controller issue

    So i recently bought a ps5 controller and i wanted to use it on my pc but i tried a whole bunch of cables and none of them worked so i ended up getting a bluetooth adapter which ended up causing a lot more problems but somehow it kind of works as in my windows settings say my controller is...
  32. willyburns

    [SOLVED] Steam Link not displaying image on Now TV app or WOW Presents web video?

    Hi, while using Steam Link and trying to watch Rupaul's Drag Race on my TV downstairs I can see the video playing my PC monitor but not on my TV; however, the sound is fine and I can see the image playing in the preview thumbnails when I hover my cursor over the play bar on the video. YouTube...
  33. C

    Question (WEIRD) Download speeds for Steam stuttering, not using full gigabyte connection

    Hello, So my Steam downloads are taking forever and keep jumping the speed around like crazy. So far, I have cleared my Steam DL cache, changed DL servers, uncapped DL bandwidth, tested my external SSD for read/write speeds, set the priority of Steam in task manager, and have even gone as far as...
  34. Sumsar07

    Question Help please

    Hello, i am having a problem with downloading on steam. Ever since i built my PC my steam downloading was going very slow. Whenever i download using other launchers, my speeds are Fine, but steam just does'nt work. I have watched videos, and none seem to work, so i come here for support. The...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] Only 1 out of 2 monitors goes black for roughly 3 seconds randomly while gaming, and consistently when using the steam app

    For awhile now my monitor (AOC Q27G2G4) has suddenly been going black for about 3 seconds while I'm playing games, and happens consistently whenever I open up a games store page on the steam app. The frequency of the black-out varies from game to game, but it seems to be the worst in Tabletop...
  36. stagefright

    [SOLVED] Games not Installing, System BIOS slow. Any Help Whatsoever Welcome!

    Hello Tom's Hardware forum! I'm in DESPERATE need of help regarding a completely bizarre problem Timeline of Events: While playing CS:GO, my keyboard disconnects and reconnects every 5-20 seconds. (Corsair K95) Later on, I get a Disk Write Error when updating games. I thought this may be a...
  37. Souf

    Question Strange issue with Europa Universalis 4 on Steam ?

    Specs are 5900x 3080ti 32gb 3200mhz ram M.2 Sn850 SSD with 650gb spare 1000w evga supernova PSU Asus x570 e gaming Windows 10 So I've had my build for around 2 months now. I've been gaming sporadically whenever I have time. Mainly playing Arma 3, Warzone and Forza horizon 5. I've got a decent...
  38. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  39. Herc1

    [SOLVED] Game clients keep refreshing

    Hey! I have been dealing with this issue for months at this point, tried multiple different things to fix it with no luck what so ever., wallpaperengine.exe, SteelSeries GG and discord wont open/work correctly for some reason. is stuck in an infinite refresh loop, discord...
  40. owsie

    Question RTX 3080 unable to run games in 4:3 aspect ratio ?

    Been seeing this issue posted around the internet since <2015 with no fixes. Unable to tab out of any game, then re-enter. It gives a black screen, then a flash of what the game is, then throws you back out to your desktop. Have the same settings I used to use on my old system: Perform scaling...