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  1. L

    Question PC is underperforming... no idea why, desperate need for assistance. HELP!

    So for the past month or more, my newly scrapped together pc has been an interesting challenge. I made a horrible mistake by cheeping out and buying an old motherboard and cpu from an ancient already used computer. After months and months of fixing problems and finding new ones, im done with...
  2. IndyAJD

    Question Where did my free space go?

    Hey guys, So I'm temporarily using a gaming rig with only a 250GB SSD, so I'm often faced with uninstalling games to install other games. I have fast internet so its not a huge deal. Today, I uninstalled the Witcher 3 to download Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I had about 10 GB free...
  3. G

    Question How do I change the primary download of steam games from my SSD to Hard Drive?

    I have just got a new PC with an SSD. The primary download of steam games and any other downloads is to the SSD which has run out of space to download more games and apps. How do I change in steam to make the primary download the hard drive, not the SSD? (When I press install on one of my...
  4. N

    Question Installing steam games and programs on a portable hard drive(or alternative)?

    Please let me know if this is the wrong spot for this thread. So at home i have terrible internet but I have lots of games I would like to install but it takes such a long time and slows my WiFi down a ton. I'm wondering if it's possible to buy some kind of portable hard drive where I can go to...
  5. S

    Question Getting This Error 5:0000065434 On Steam

    Hello I been trying to sort this issue for the past few hours Now firstly when i downloaded Call of duty world at war it did its first time instilling But then this error came up during instilling "directx an internal system error occurred" After this Punkbuster instilled and it worked fine...
  6. AndrewFreedman

    News Valve Finally Releases Steam Chat for Smartphones

    Valve released a new Steam Chat app for iOS and Android yesterday. Valve Finally Releases Steam Chat for Smartphones : Read more
  7. yeetusfried

    [SOLVED] What disk should I store things in?

    Hi! I have 2 drives on my computer as they list; Disk C: (306GB almost used) (HDD) Disk D: (390GB with 390GB free) (HDD) I decided to make a thread since my C: disk is almost used with 5.20GB free. I own 4 games located on Steam* and a couple of programs. I store some memes and a couple of...
  8. J

    Question Windows 10 Steam UI Build

    I am creating a gaming build for my father for father's day. He would like to use the system like a console where he would only need to use a controller to access his steam user account (different from admin). I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom way to login to Windows 10 with an...
  9. Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...
  10. M

    Question Game crashes when it loads faster??

    Hello all. I used to run Unturned on steam smoothly without any problems until they decided to update the unity to a newer version, that's where the problems started for me and the game didn't even make it through the full loading screen ever since and crashes with "mono.dll caused an Access...
  11. D

    Question Disk filling up during downloads (read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH)

    Hi. I'm new here, so this might be the wrong sub-forum. Sorry. Seems that was fixed. Thanks. Anyway, here's the problem. For a few months now, Steam has been acting weird while downloading games. Whenever I start a new download, no matter what size the game actually is, Steam "prepares local...
  12. S

    Question Everything shows 0xc0000005 error

    Im begging for help at this point. This has been happening for over a year now. I've reinstalled windows and had it taken to multiple tehnicians all to come to the same f***ing error.I memorized it at this point.Skype wont work,Steam wont work,all vcredist installations wont work.It all just...
  13. X

    [SOLVED] Rainbow Six Siege won't start.

    I have bought Rainbow Six Siege not a long time ago, and today I had the feel like I should play it, upon launching it what I realize is my Steam status goes 'In-Game: Rainbow Six Siege etc etc", then a few seconds later, nothing happens, and my status will get back to 'Online'. Why's that? I...
  14. A

    Question Problem Configuring Mesh Network For Steam Streaming?

    I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk x4s mesh extender so I could extend my wifi upstairs to my desktop and stream my steam games downstairs (thanks to the extender's configuration setting for one wifi name). Initially it worked perfectly, and I was able to stream downstairs exactly as i...
  15. R

    Question Lots of Connection Issues not from my Network

    First off, actually read this. Y'all are really bad about skimming and then asking people looking for help questions they've already answered in the OP. I tried to be thorough here, all the information I have and that y'all regularly ask for is here. Now to the problem itself. My desktop PC is...
  16. L

    Question Some Games does not recognise any of my Controllers

    So this problem only applies to some games such as DC universe Online,Sekiro,Borderlands 2 so far. But the weird thing is that all other games such as for example Resident Evil 2,Injustice2,etc all works perfectly fine. I've tried to go wired and for sekiro and DCUO and it still doesn't work...
  17. mangaman

    [SOLVED] Steam games to new OS

    I'm still thinking about upgrading my PC this summer from an Intel Pentium, to an AMD RyZen. I know I have to reinstall Windows along with some other things, such as antivirus. That being said, I was wondering on how to transfer my steam games to the new OS. My OS is installed on an SSD, while...
  18. J

    Question Steam Re-sizing, incorrectly displaying game files HELP

    To keep things short, I have bad internet and have copied game files from another friends copy of a steam game to my own computer. Steam recognises the files, however, steam also resizes (compresses?) the files down to an amount much lower than the original folder and then gives me the prompt...
  19. A

    Question Quick Question About My Low PERFORMANCE IN RUST

    So I have a 1070 STRIX a RYZEN 6 1500 AND 16 GB OF RAM. My question to you is, is my CPU bottle necking my GPU and that causes the low performance because it is aggravating me
  20. B

    Question Steam games say uninstalled but still taking up space

    Hello! I am in need of space on my computer, and so I went to my storage settings. My biggest folder is my Steam games. However when I went to check what games were in it, most of the storage was being taken up by games I had already deleted. It seems like Steam just rendered the games...