Question Need Help -- My computer randomly shuts down -- :( | Really Strange problem.

Sep 23, 2020
So my computer has been doing this thing where it shuts down randomly. It has been about 8 months since it was first built.(custom) These are the circumstances in which it shuts down.

  1. Any random moments, there is no load, no over-heating of any parts.
  2. No BSOD, just immediate shutdown.
  3. Event viewer has no errors of any kind before the shutdown.
  4. Sometimes, this problem doesnt surface for a week then it will happen. Really strange.
Here are my specifications.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Mobo: Asus strix B450-F
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB X 2
GPU: Zotac GTX1660 Super

Anybody has an idea on how to single out the problem or a solution? Your help is greatly appreciated!
Sep 26, 2020
Any luck yet? I'm not the best tech nerd but here's what i would recommend doing. First suspect is always the PSU. do you have another power supply nearby that you can try? Alot of the times a bad PSU will do exactly this. I've read of people finding shorted loose cables in their computers as well so i would reseat all the cables just to make sure and visually inspect. If it turns out to be the PSU (which 600w should be more than enough to power your specs) a few things will give it away. I had a similar problem with my computer which persisted even with a different PSU. My solution ended up being overheating (which i initially ruled out, but my GPU's temp was off by about 8% error causing shut downs which I fixed by limiting tempatures in MSI Afterburner) This may be a temporary solution for you as well if the power is inconsistent and limit your GPU power limit to about 70-80% . Not the best advice and I apologize for that, but I didnt see any other replies at the moment. A few things to note as well, Make sure your drivers are up to date, reset BIOS to default and get rid of overclocks if you have them, and make sure your case is clean :). let me know if this helps any.

EDIT: how old is your PSU,GPU, MOBO? PSU lifetimes tend to be anywhere from 3 years of constant use to 5 years of regular use, and 10 years of slight use. Do you turn your pc off nightly or does it run for days at a time? does this happen during gaming or at random? When it shuts down does it restart automatically or allow you to turn it back on with a press of the power or do you have to physically turn the power switch off and on again? These will all help diagnose

EDIT 2: Nope, still not working.
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R99 .

Jan 3, 2020
Honestly sounds like a PSU problem, if I were you I'd order another PSU off Amazon; test it and see if it fixes the problem and if it does then keep it ofc but if not then just send it back.