Need Help. Strange system build problem


Nov 22, 2007
My mom had a flood in her basement which ruined her Dell PC. Im her computer guy so I went to fix it.
It contained:
ASUS P5BW-LA motherboard
Socket 775 Intel Core2 Duo Processor 6300
4x 1GB DDR2 RAM Modules
SATA HardDrive

Based on the water level, I 1st thought I only would have needed a new motherboard.
Purchased Intel DG9650T motherboard, but no dice.
I then bought a new Intel Core 2 Processor Retail Intel Boxed Set E7500. Still not working.
I replace the power supply and then even placed it all in a new case with yet a different power supply.
I borrowed some new RAM stick from work, so now everything is new, yet it all still doesnt work.

When I plug in the system, the green power light on the motherboard turns on.

When I press the power button on the case, the fans turn about 1/4 turn, like the system is going to work, and then nothing.

Any ideas?