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Jun 27, 2019
Hi! I’ve had the same laptop since 2012 but a year ago or so the hinges for the screen broke so I teared it down and left it like that. Yesterday I thought it would be cool to repair it so I ordered a new bottom case and mounted it, now I want to upgrade it. It has a Core I3-2348m, intel HD Graphics 4000 and 8 GB of 1066 MHz ddr3 ram (I’ll be swapping these later and adding and ssd). So my problem is that I don’t know which processor I can swap and I need it to have 4000 graphics. Any idea? Laptop is Acer Aspire e1-571
It's not likely how you do things in desktops because laptop firmware is strictly designed to work with a set of hardware that originally comes with the Laptops. So i can't exactly tell you this will work and this will not. Main problem is that rated power to the CPU if it is an i3 Laptop then those power configurations will not work with a i7 CPU but the well know fact is most of the Laptops for that era (3rd gen/2nd Gen) have electable CPUs which always doesn't mean that you can Upgrade them. so for the CPU it's pretty hard to tell.

For the RAM it will work but be care full when you buying them because you have a speed limit.

And for the SSD either you can replace the hard drive or kick off the DVD ROM and you can also put it there using a Caddy bay. They will work
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Actually, the main problem is that unless you can find DEFINITIVE support for the fact that your motherboard model has BIOS firmware that supports a same socket type i5 or i7 upgrade, whether it is soldered or not and can even be replaced becomes a moot point. If there is no BIOS support on that production model that specifically allows for replacement of a higher tiered CPU, then it's all for nothing.

Honestly, it's rarely worth the effort or cost on a laptop to bother trying to upgrade the CPU. The cooling system in them is usually finely tuned and designed specifically for the CPU it came with, so unless you can also get an upgraded heatsink and fan assembly that fits your exact chassis, again, it's a waste of time. Upgrade the RAM and SSD and call it good.
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