Need help with fans in a old case


Jul 4, 2009
Hi guys, thanks for looking.

I have this old case from back in the early 2000s, and since I'm poor I need to use it for my build adapted from an SFF PC. It's a pretty old case, and the fact that it has been in a garage for a few years and hasn't been cleaned out at the time of these pictures doesn't help its appearance.

Anyway, I'm worried about the airflow in this case because there is no exhaust fan in the back, and only one small intake fan in the front. It's going to have a Core 2 Duo E6700, Geforce 8800GTS, Corsair ram. Nothing that gets too hot, but it's already fairly old gear and I want it to last as long as possible.

My question is where the ideal spot would be to cut a hole for a 140mm or larger exhaust fan. Would mounting a fan in the side of the case, across from the CPU heatsink be a good idea? Would it interrupt the front-to-rear airflow? Any other ideas in keeping this old case cool?
The power supply will be mounted at the top rear of the case. Modern power supplies usually have a large 120mm fan for cooling. Install the power supply fan side down so the fan is close to the cpu. The fan will draw in warm air from the cpu
and exhaust it out the back of the case.

Modern cases typically have a fan mounted on the rear panel. Your case has knockouts on the rear panel where additional connectors can be installed. That's where the exhaust fan is usually installed on a modern case. If possible make an opening there for an exhaust fan.

You can also make an opening in the bottom of your case for a second intake fan. You'll have to raise the case a bit so there is sufficient space for cool air to enter the case. You could place the pc on a couple of small wood blocks.

I can't see how the fan at the bottom front of the case draws in cool air. Make an opening in the front bezel to allow the bottom front fan to draw in cool air more easily.

There you have it. Two intake fans to draw in cool air at the bottom/front and two fans at the top rear to exhaust warm sit.


Jul 2, 2008
Hmm side panel could be used to cut a hole for a large 140 mm fan, but using this as intake doesnt help much with the exhaust of warm air.

Front panel fan doesnt look like it has much room to suck air into the case. I would try and get a bigger fan in the front (120mm) and either make a mesh type arrangment of holes in plastic front panel or cut away at the bottom of the plastic facia to make sure air can easily be sucked in.

Exhaust is the bigger problem. Roof of the case doesnt have much room for a blow hole, because it will be partially blocked by the PSU.

In the old days you could buy slot coolers that connect to the mobo or a spare molex and attached to a spare expansion slot in the back of the case (like video ecards etc) - they are not massively effective or particularly quiet.

I would be tempted to go for a side panel fan as an additional intake and position it over the CPU socket / HSF (stock cooler ?) and then go for a reasonble PSU with a 120mm fan for exhaust