Need help with my new pc (sapphire rx 570 4gb nitro+ vs xfx rx 580 8gb gts black )

Jun 8, 2018
Hello guys i just build my new pc and i need some help to decide which gpu should i buy.

seasonic 550w plus platinum

asus x470 prime pro

ryzen 5 2600x

gskill flare 3200 16gb

samsung ssd 500gb evo

and i have orded the xfx 580 8gb gts black and im expecting tommorow for 331 euro

the problem i just saw from the same shop the sapphire rx 570 4gb nitro+ for 283 euro and im having second thoughts should i cancel xfx and buy the sapphire nitro?

both gpus is overkill for my monitor (L226WTQ-BF) but im gonna replace it in the near future for a budget 1080p monitor

the new pc im gonna keep for at least 5 years and im gonna use it for games ,internet reading and movies

the games which i play is elder scrolls online , heroes of the storm ,dota 2 , smite, and i will propably try the new mmos games.

My final question is wiser to buy the sapphire nitro 570 which is a better brand and safer choice but somewhat weaker card from my understanding and save the 50 euros for the monitor perhaps? or just keep my original order and keep the xfx 580? does the xfx worth the extra money?