Jul 24, 2008
hey i flashed wrong bios on my ecs p4m900t-m2 ver 1.0 it does not show the temp and fails to boot. the performance was good for some time. how can i flah my new bios. and i tried to flash again bit the applicaton says "flashing is not supported".need help fast


May 31, 2004
I took a look at your manual and it appears the only way to update your BIOS is with a floppy, is that correct? At any rate, it looks like you may to set a jumper and may need to set the BIOS to take the flash. Additionally you always need to default the BIOS after a flash. Don't do that if you know that it was the wrong flash, just try to flash the right one. If it won't take then default the BIOS and try again. If it doesn't take then you are screwed.

Here is the pertinent passage from the manual.
Updating the BIOS
You can download and install updated BIOS for this motherboard from the
manufacturer’s Web site. New BIOS provides support for new peripherals, improvements
in performance, or fixes for known bugs. Install new BIOS as follows:
1 If your motherboard has a BIOS protection jumper, change the setting to
allow BIOS flashing.

2 If your motherboard has an item called Firmware Write Protect in Advanced
BIOS features, disable it. (Firmware Write Protect prevents
BIOS from being overwritten.

3 Create a bootable system disk. (Refer to Windows online help for
information on creating a bootable system disk.)

4 Download the Flash Utility and new BIOS file from the manufacturer’s
Web site. Copy these files to the system diskette you created in Step 3.

5 Turn off your computer and insert the system diskette in your computer’s
diskette drive. (You might need to run the Setup Utility and change the
boot priority items on the Advanced BIOS Features Setup page, to
force your computer to boot from the floppy diskette drive first.)

6 At the A:\ prompt, type the Flash Utility program name and the filename
of the new bios and then press <Enter>. Example: AMINF340.EXE

7 When the installation is complete, remove the floppy diskette from the
diskette drive and restart your computer. If your motherboard has a
Flash BIOS jumper, reset the jumper to protect the newly installed BIOS
from being overwritten. The computer will restart automatically.