Need help


Sep 17, 2011
Okay so, the computer turns on but there is no signal being sent to the monitor to anything, the graphics card and hard drive both work when i put them in my moms computer so i know that i have the driver for the graphics card and a os for the computer, also the front led's for the tower saying the hard drive is working and there is power to the system arnt lighting up even when the system is turned on.(coolermaster storm scout is the case)

anyone have any idea why the system isnt connecting to the monitor

Where do you have the monitor plugged in? Is it attached to the motherboard or to the graphics card? Try both; if the card is working, it will need to be attached to that.

Wait, if the LEDs aren't on and you have no video, what do mean by "the computer turns on"? To what extent does it turn on? Do the fans spin up? Did you have a successful video connection in the past that led you to conclude that it "turns on"?

Are the front-panel LEDs connected to their proper headers on the motherboard? That is, are they plugged into anything?

What are all your parts? Mobo, GPU, CPU, PSU, etc

How did you install the OS and drivers without a successful video connection?