Jan 5, 2013
Hello, Im completely lost and have no clue what im doing to be honest.

I made the big mistake of buying my PC from PC World, and spent a lot for pretty much nothing.

My cpu is a 2.93 GHZ i7
with 4 gb ram and a hd radeon 5570.

After finding out that my graphics card is really bad i wanted to upgrade. Then i found out that graphic cards require a special power supply 6 pins and what not.

I was hoping to buy one of the stronger radeon graphics card like a HD 7850 so that i can play games at higher quality but im worried about my PSU because all i know is that its a FSP450-60ep PSU.

I thought of possibly buying a new PSU but im pretty sure ill destroy my computer in the process and i have no clue on what type of psu i might even look at since when i tried searching around people would talk about bottle neck and rails.

Sorry for giving you guys a face palm with my stupid questions.

Is there a simple solution or a graphics card that is pretty strong to run 1920x1080 on high quality? Whats the best graphics card i can run on this PSU because im pretty sure i wont be able to rewire a new psu.