Need some help-Installing SSD in existing PC -make it win7 drive


Jul 26, 2010

I need some help; got a new vertex 3...doing an upgrade on my PC.

What is changing: new mobo, new cpu, new cooler, and the SSD.

My current setup (all non SSD drives)

C: 7200 rpm drive (windows/office/general apps)
D: partition from 7200 rpm above (swap file only)
E: partition from the 7200 rpm drive above (games)
F: wife's work stuff (seperate drive)
G: storage (seperate drive)

My goal:

C: SSD (windows/office/general apps/games)
D: 7200 rpm (swap file only)
E: wife's work stuff (partition from 7200 rpm above)
F: storage
G: storage

What i'm confused about; if i just add the SSD into the first 6 gb sata port..and then put in the windows disc and try and instlal windows fresh; I was reading about AHCI mode?

Will this be set automatically by windows? or do i need to enter the bios first before setting up windows?

Will AHCI mode cause issues with the existing storage drives that i have (plus my wife's stuff on the other drive)?

What end result will be is once windows is running on the SSD (AHCI mode?), i will format the 7200 drive which will also have windows/office, etc on it..and then switch my wife's folder/music, etc to that drive. the storage drives won't change except that if AHCI mode is universal, not sure if that will be a problem.



You didn't mention what size of SSD you got, nor the size of your hard drive(s).

ACHI is set in your BIOS, and will work for all SATA drives.

Anyways, I think your set up is too complicated. The phrase I always use is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Why so many partitions on 1 HDD? It won't read any faster, it actually slows it down, having to move the heads so much. If it's for "security" then okay. (Sorry, I miss read the OP at first.)

Since you are going to SSD, I'd leave the winswapfile or pagefile on the SSD. Yes, there is alot of discussion about this, but if your SSD is large enough (120GB), and you have enough RAM (8GB-16GB), you will probably never use it anyway. But if you did, wouldn't you want the fastest access to that data when needed? I think using the SSD for what its for is far more important than "babying" it.

I'd use the HDD as one large partion. And just creat folders for the data, instead of partitioning it up, and getting more comfusing as to store what where.

Do move all of your "Libraries" to the HDD (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos), and add a Folder for your wife work stuff. I think you were getting there.

** Sorry, now that I read your OP further, I see that you'll have 4 drives:
1-SSD for OS/Programs/Games
1-HDD for SwapFile, and partition a for wifes stuff
1-HDD for storage: storage of what?
1-HDD for storage: once again, of what?

I'd go like this:
1-SSD for OS/Programs/Games (which included the swapfile)
1-HDD for Libraries
1-HDD for wifes stuff (for whatever reason, but you have an extra drive, now). I'd use the smallest drive you have.
1-HDD for backups (Windows, Norton, or whatever) for everything. Make this one the largest drive you have.

Sorry for my confusion (lol), but still, K.I.S.S.

BTW: I once had a 2.5GB HDD partioned up into 6 parts: OS (Windows 95), swapfile, IE (4), My Documents, Downloads, and a SetUp Drive (WinFlat95, drivers, etc.), without any backup! The install and setup of the drives got way too complicated, even for Windows 95. The drive was noisy, as the heads had to fly all over the disk to read/write. So you can see, I speak from experience.