Need to know if i can put a graphics card in my computer


May 10, 2017
I bought this computer about a year and a half ago+:
Note, this is an intel and my processor is AMD A10-7800 (I'm sure that affects the answer but not positive)

What I want to know is can I throw a very small graphics card into this computer? like a 512mb-1gb. just to boost performance a little. I have looked into buying a very nice gaming computer but it will be awhile until I can, so id like to buy like a $50 card in the meantime.

Is this possible? (without having to buy new motherboard/ power supply/ ect.)
Is it worth it?
And what is a card that would work, if any?

Thank you very much.

Side note: the game I play is very low req and right now I get about 20-30 fps with no graphics card.
Details are sparse but it appears to have one PCI-E x16 Slot so theoretically any such GPU should work. I'm just not sure that $50 GPU would help much, specially for gaming.
Also it doesn't seem to list PSU so you should consider GPUs that does not need added power so something in the range of up to GTX 750, 1050 or Rx460 would be best way to go.
If you have an A10 78xx APU, you have pretty decent integrated graphics. If that computer has a cheap videocard in it, that could be giving you worse performance than if you took it out and used the integrated graphics.

Which brings me to my next point, you're not going to find anything better than your integrated graphics for $50. Not a new card anyways. You are looking at the $100 price for an entry level new card that would be an upgrade and would work with your power supply, which I found is 350W.

If this mystery game that you play is getting 20-30fps on integrated graphics, something cheap like a GT 730 isn't going to do better.