Need touch screen laptop for coding and gaming

Jun 13, 2019
hi want to buy a laptop for my wife angelika and she wants it basically for java and c# stuff i mean coding. She will be using it a lot for coding and on multiple heavy apps like java and all.

Here are the requirements

Touch screen
16gb ram
i5 or i7 processor
a decent graphics card atleast 1050 4gb or above.
Good heating solution
light weight if possible
Thunder bolt 3 if possible

These are the basic requirements. She wants a good laptop with good heating solution as she will be using many heavy apps for coding and playing games.

I was looking at acer nitro spin 5 i7 version but it seems that it doesnt have good cooling system.

I can convience her for this one if there is no other good option in similar budget.

Budget is like this- I am getting this one for about 1150 dollars here in poland. I can go to 1500 may be if i get a good laptop with eveyrthing I asked fulfilled. I was looking also for lenovo yoga 730 but it has only 2gb vram in 1050.

I was wondering there is nothing good in 1500 budget that will be a good balance of decent gaming and coding with touch screen?

Sorry for the story but i thouhgt to explain well to not have any confusions.
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Not much call for mixing touch screens with gaming, there are a few out there, but regional availability and pricing may be difficult. Here are a few models you can look at.

Dell XPS 15 9570

Razer Blade 2018 touchscreen

Lenovo Yoga 720

ASUS Vivobook Pro


Jun 29, 2016
Just get the Acer Nitro Spin 5, you won't be using it for heavy gaming anyway. In normal usage, it shouldn't heat as it uses highly power efficient components. Also, this is the only laptop that comes under your budget, though you may need to upgrade the ram and storage later on.

Thunderbolt-3 is a bit too much to ask for but i believe Lenovo Ideapad 720s with GTX 1050 Ti is the cheapest laptop to have this? Not a convertible but yoga 730 is.