Need Urgent help with VB program


Dec 1, 2005

I need a VB programmer or someone with the VB programming application to open a VB file/program and tell me/give me the run down on what it's doing to my machine.

One of my room-mates ran this application on my machine to generate a key, and after he ran it, there appeared for a brief few seconds a black dos box and it flickered out of existance. In his panic he tried to delete the application/.exe file and now it's being used by something on my machine. I opened the file with notepad to take a look and noticed it's someones application written in VB, someones homework or fun side project to ruin my day. Looked at the proceedure calls and noticed some disconcerting proceedures.

Form1 modGetInternetFile modStringFunc modSuperFilenameFunctie modRegistry modFilename modINI modDownloadfile modWinDir modKillService Project1 6 D I R E C T O R Y _ F O R _ S A V I N G _ F I L E S =

****There's some lines of code mixed in with IP addresses where it's trying to dump the info into files****

I no longer have any of the Visual Basic programs that I used to use when I programmed the language when I was college and now I need someone to basically use the editor and open the file and see what's going on.

Is there someone who could please help me?

Serves your 'friend' right. He/she should have bought the program/game instead of downloading/copying it. That way you wouldn't need a keygen what is actaully a virus/trogen.

Anyway, since you posted down here I take it you're willing to pay for our services?