Question Network settings messed up


Nov 11, 2015
Not sure what i did to **

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but i had problems connecting to a game and as a result i went down a rabbit hole of trying to fix it.

Now some websites i can connect to. Youtube vids work for example but for other applications i have either nonexistent/intermittent/extremely slow internet. Discord for example takes forever to connect to. Like 3 minute delay for me to join a voice channel. Reddit takes forever to load wvery now and then. (on my phone using wifi to type this up so its not a provider issue). In short my internet connection seems to struggle when handling multiple things and when handling random things

I did things such as updating my network pci wifi card drivers and uninstalling them. Doing ip config /release then flushdns and renew in command prompt. Reseting network in network settings. Resetting firewall to default settings. Changing ipv4 dns servers to and

So now i feel kinda *** and have no idea what to do at this point. Anyone have any suggestions? Had no issues like this any time before today

wireless card is pci tp link wn881nd
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