[SOLVED] New Build and a question about the 2070 RTX


Jul 5, 2015
So I'm going to build a PC for my wife, she only has a Craptop right now.
I'm going with something I would build for myself while I was on a tighter budget (around 800€)

The current setup I'm thinking of is as following:
I3-8100 (125€)
EVGA GTX 1060SC (6GB) Single Fan (210€)
Samsung Evo 850 250GB (Free I have a spare)
WD 2TB HDD (67€)
Corsair DDR4 RAM 2400mhz 16GB (110€)
XFS TS 550w 80 plus gold PSU (75€)
Asus prime H310 PLUS (82€)
Sharcoon DG7000 PC case (70€)
Cooler Master Hyper X Evo CPU cooler (23€)

I'm asking if anyone has anything that could improve on this system
I'm not sold on the PSU and I'm willing to look at any PC case that looks similar (DVD burner space and Red LED´s are still a must, 3 fans are incluided here)

The second question is if it's worth to spend 300€ Extra to buy a RTX 2070 to replace my 980Ti and give my card to my wife instead, right now a full priced RTX 2070 going at around 500€ isn't worth it for the upgrade I'm getting.

Lastly I live in Belgium, I usually order from Amazon.De/Fr/Es or Uk, so keep this in mind.

Any help is much appreciated.

Yes worth it...RTX 2070 is better.. if you capable then go for it... i3 8100+980ti will be a good combination