[SOLVED] New Build Doesn't POST: QLED boot and VGA LED

Aug 15, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping for some pointers for a NO POST situation for all new components. FYI, I've read the sticky checklist -- that was helpful but didn't help me find my problem. Also, the last time I did this was 15+ years ago (and even then with old tech), so I'm hoping I missed something very obvious. I do not have a case speaker but it appears they provide the same error codes as the QLED (let me know if that's a misunderstanding on my part). When I power on, fans start up and the QLEDs cycle through options eventually leaving me with first the VGA light followed by the BOOT light. Unsurprisingly (give VGA light) nothing is ever displayed on monitor.

System Components Currently Installed (breadboard style):
  • Motherboard: ASUS X570-PLUS
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950X (16-cores)
  • RAM: Corsair DDR4 3600 MHz 32GB (single module)
  • Heat Sink: FUMA 2 (only main fan currently plugged in)
  • PSU: GM Modular ATX 800W
  • SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 (500GB)
I do have a new graphics card waiting, although it's not currently plugged in. I also have a second 32GB memory module currently removed for debugging.

Everything that is plugged-in via a cable:
  • CPU fan (as described)
  • 24 pin power(EATXPWR)
  • 8 pin power (EATX12V_1)
  • PSU -> wall power
  • HDMI cable to monitor (using mobo's internal graphics capability)
Things I'm concerned about: The 8-pin power is actually two 4 pin connectors that clip together. The motherboard manual could be more descriptive here... is it better to put one 4-pin connector to EATX12_V2 and the other into the correct half of EATX12V_1? Also, I'm using the umbilical cord on the PSU, but it came with a bunch of modular cables.

Things I've tried:
  • Removing RAM and SSD (get DRAM light -- seems reasonable to me)
  • Removing CPU (doesn't even try to POST, sits there dead)
  • Checking CPU pins (all perfectly straight; I checked looking down columns from two sides)
  • Manual checking of CPU temperature after all this (it gets hot to the touch)
What I know I don't know: entirely unsure what needs to be plugged in to POST. Will VGA light up with no monitor plugged in? I currently don't have a keyboard/mouse plugged in (I did try that earlier when this was inside its case) -- are those required? Can I remove the SSD and POST, or is that needed (ASUS website suggests checking your installation of SSD if you get the BOOT QLED).

Finally, I've tried to be very careful and not fry anything while working on it by maintaining one hand grounded at all times while working over hardwood floors. None the less, that's certainly what is on my mind right now...

Any tips?
Aug 15, 2020
Hi Bignastyid,

Yep, that did this trick. I had thought IGPU was supported by motherboard, not CPU, but clearly I missed that one!

Thank you for your help -- it's a big relief to know my system isn't fried! :)