New Build....going for a X3 720 system


Feb 25, 2009
Hi there,

Attempting a new build after years on a 3400+, 6800Gt system. Already have the GTX 260 Core 216 (190-200 dollars) in hand, along with a 640GB HD (70 dollars) and Case (55 dollars). Budget was 700...working toward that at a decent pace. Gaming Rig.

If I am going down the path of a X3 720, do you guys think the BioStar TForce TA790GX is a decent match? Seems to have mixed reviews, but the massive combo deal (45 dollars off X3+BioStar board) is really hard to pass up. Deal is here:

Any other board that are sub-100 that I should be looking at? ATX form, DDR 1066, easy compatibility with AM3 is really all i need.

For the RAM, I think I will likely go with the G-Skill 4gb DDR 1066 ( The cheaper models (OCZ fatalty, etC) seem to have major problems running at 1066.
I use the Biostar T force 790gx and personally think its an awesome board for the price. I was able to clock my X4 9850 from 2.5 to 3.2 Ghz. I have also clocked my X4 PII 940 to 3.8Ghz easily on 1.45V and have not even reached the top yet.

One word of caution however. I was experiencing some high temps on the southbridge, and I slapped on a Thermaltake chipset cooler. Now I have subambient temps, around 25C. That thang is tiny little cooling beast. They may have corrected the NB temps issue on newer versions of the board, I bought mine about a year ago. Go, Biostar!

I disagree with the comment on the ram. As a matter of fact, if I was buying today I would prolly opt for DDR2 1100 or 1150 speed ram. I found my overclocking to be much better with the 1066 ram than with DDR2 800 ram, and a definite increase in performance. I am currently running 4 gigs of OZC Reapers:

Quality product.

Besides, if you overclock your ram just to reach 1066 speeds, you aren't going to have as much headroom for more overclocking.