New case


Nov 19, 2004
Hi guys, first of all i have noooooo idea on cases and which brand is good and all the stuff lol. I just want to spend the rest of the cash i have on a case which rates well in the casing world ?/?/ I have like 50 pounds and i just want to fit the msi nforce 4 ultra mobo with 2 drive bays and a floppy drive. I already have a 350 watt psu.

Cheers for any help even though what i'm saying is probably not clear


This <A HREF="" target="_new"> one </A>is quality aluminum and high quality finish, but twice your price range. I have it, and is the best case I have owned. highly recomended.

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Ignore bragging rights and just get a quality case. The best quality for the money is in steel cases: A $60 steel case is usually a good unit, while a $60 aluminium case is usually identicle to a $30 steel case, except for the material (which is even weaker than that of the $30 steel case).

Heck, if you don't know a lot about cases, pick one you like based on drive and fan layouts, and you can just as well figure out how sturdy they are by weight most of the time.

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