New Catalyst Driver 12.4


Feb 16, 2012
So I was installing a retail version Skyrim yesterday and all went well until I tried to launch the program through Steam. I would get repeated crashes and Windows could not find a solution to this problem(go figure). Come to find out that AMD released the new Catalyst driver 12.4 on Wednesday so my Sapphire HD 6870 and Windows 7 couldn't launch the program. Just by chance, after about an hour of checking everything else, I decided to check AMD's site and see if my drivers were up to date and that's when I found it. My question to all of you is 1: Why didn't windows update detect and install this for me? 2: How many of you have noticed an increase in WEI graphics score since downloading the new drivers? I went from an awful 6.5 to a modest 7.2 just from the driver alone. Which leads me to believe that WEI is a joke. Just want to know what you all think and if you didn't know, the new Catalyst 12.4 can be found here:

1: Because it always happen and I did not know why this happen. Even my driver was 275.xx on my nvidia system, windows say it is "updated" while there is 296.10 driver.
2: WEI is a joke, why do you ask then? Expect your score to go back to 6.5 or 7.9 LOL. WEI is full of uncertainty :)

Everyone knows WEI is a joke.

Why doesn't MS automatically give you a new driver? Cause it's smarter than that.

New drivers sometimes are not stable or proven, therefore it's better to stay with the previous one until you see that the new one is good to go, OR if there is a specific problem your having that the new driver addresses.

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