Question (New Computer) Boot problems

Aug 13, 2019
Desktop (newly built) will freeze after splash screen. I can access the bios, but however on any bootable device and OS, my computer freezes.

  • I've already determined that it's not a ram, cpu, gpu and psu problem.
  • The ssd and hdd's are perfectly healthy
  • I'm leaning to a cpu or motherboard problem
  • just a reminder that I can boot into the bios without any problems
  • on an empty drive I am brought to the insert media device screen. the only problem is booting onto a drive that has a OS or installation media
  • please skip past telling me to clear/reset the cmos
  • I turned off the splash screen and observed that the computer passes the post screen with no errors
  • I have tried unplugging usb devices and storage drives in many different combinations
  • I thought the problem was ram and replaced the sticks, but still no luck. (however it did make it to the windows installer language/region selection screen before once again freezing again
  • all rgb lights will stay on after freeze, as well as the fans
note: my hdd's are from my old computer and one is a boot hdd while the other is a secondary storage drive to it. The ssd is new with nothing installed on it

  • RTX 2060
  • i5-9600k
  • evga gold 550watt psu
  • deepcool aio cooler
  • m.2 1tb intel ssd (fresh nothing installed)
  • 1tb wd blue 7.2k rpm (windows installed)
  • 3tb wd blue 5.4k rpm(secondary drive to the 1tb wd blue)
  • gigabyte B360 aorus gaming 3
  • corsair veng. pro rgb 8x2gb

Also, just leave suggestions for now as I won't be around my desktop for a few days

Please provide input, thank you!
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Aug 13, 2019
unplug all drives except the SSD with the OS and see if it will boot. If not, can you boot to a USB with the Windows installer - just to see if it boots. Are you intending to re-install a fresh copy of Windows?
Yes, I attempted that (unplugging all but the ssd) and still no luck unfortunately. The initial goal was to migrate/ clone the OS on my old hard drive to the new ssd, but now this problem occurred, so I just decided to wipe and re-install when the problem is resolved. Also I can't boot the windows installation media as my computer will try to, but then freeze. Same with a windows to go key and a Linux key no luck.


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