New computer has stuttering problems


Dec 3, 2011
Hi everyone,

I just built a new computer (for the first time!) and I thought it was working great until I noticed some stuttering issues. (I don't know what else to call it.)

The mouse and keyboard will stick for less than one second, but repeatedly, and audio will buzz. It doesn't matter if I'm listening from headphones or through speakers. Sometimes it doesn't happen for hours, sometimes it gets pretty bad and will happen in almost constant quick pulses. Also, it happens in sync, so the mouse sticking coincides with the audio buzzing and (I assume) the keyboard stickiness.

Is it a wiring problem? I checked this (reconnected and all that), but it's possible I missed whatever it was. Grounding? I just don't know.

Thanks! I used this site a LOT during my build, so I trust all of you guys!!

(Also I have no idea which category this belongs in...)
(update: I accidentally put this in the Asus section, but my mb is an Asrock...)
My gut feeling is that it is a software problem, like an anti-virus that is hogging all the resources for a short time and then letting them go again or something.

What is it you are doing while all of these problems occur?

I don't think a wiring problem is likely from your description.

The thread managed to fall into a place where it would be found so you did luck out on that at least.


Dec 11, 2011
I am having the EXACT same problem with a recent computer build on a Gigabyte Motherboard. It will start doing in a game (or not) and it doesnt matter when I exit out of the game and get back to the desktop with nothing open it still does it. Mine gets so bad sometimes that its pretty much unbearable (sometimes its like 2-3 minutes and then just stops) but a restart will fix this. If anybody has a solution for this guy share it my way. I am running avast AV, an ATI 6950 card and I also use a SATA 3 SSD in Caching mode. Those are some of the components that are my suspicion to the cause.