Question New CPU causes No signal error

Jun 18, 2019
Posting this for my mate as I doubt he will, he has a MSI B250M Gaming Pro micro atx mobo, rtx 2060, 400W psu. So everything worked with his i5 7500. Then when he put in his i7-7700k and tries to boot he gets no signal on his monitor. PSU is enough to handle cpu and gpu, I did the maths. Sadly I can’t test his i7 on my rig as mines coffee lake. His bios is updated and he contacted msi about it and they verified that he didn’t need to update bios. The i7 previously worked and hdmi cable works fine. Iv been stumped on this issue and I can’t seem to work out what’s wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: He just message don’t me saying the i5-7500 doesn’t work now either (no signal prompt)
Update: When the i7-7700k and the i5-7500 is in the ez debug led flashes between DRAM and CPU
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