New Homebuild - Graphics Driver Issues


Nov 16, 2012
Hello everybody,

I was hoping somebody might have a suggestion for me. I am having issues with my homebuilt rig. Let me first state what my components are.

i7-3770K 3.5 GHz (3.9 GHz TurboBoost) CPU
Asus Maximus V Extreme Mobo
Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 32GB (4x8GB)
Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128 GB System Drive
3.0 TB Seagate HDD
2.0 TB Western Digital Caviar Black
Corsair GS800 Power Supply (800 W)
LG Super Multi-Blue Blu-ray R/W drive
Cooler Master HAF 932
Windows 7 Profession 64-bit

OK, nearly immediately in setting up my system it has started acting wonky - of course never consistently in the same fashion. Often during games the screen would freeze, sometimes go black but sound continuing. Sometimes, when the computer would load windows, it would get to the windows loading icon, the screen would go black, but i could hear the chime as if it was on my desktop. I could then shut down the computer with the windows key and the arrow keys on my keyboard. When I restarted it would do the same thing every other time. Even received a BSOD once. I should say that I am running everything at stock. I have not overclocked anything at this point. Also all of my drivers are up to date. The voltages appear to be reading fine in the BIOS. It always does POST.

I reinstalled windows are two different hard drives and swapped out three different sets of no avail. Due to the symptoms I assumed my video card was a lemon. I went through the RMA process with EVGA and received my replacement card in the mail last week.

I am still getting problems but not in the exact same manner. Now my computer screen will go black (usually during games but not always) then it will return. I get a notification that my driver for the GPU has failed but recovered. I can't play a game for more than fifteen mintues or so without this happening, especially if the game is graphics intensive.

After all of this, I assume it has to be either my mobo or CPU that is failing. I installed an aftermarked heat sink and fan on my cpu but it hasn't made a difference.

This is my first homebuilt computer. I don't really know how to narrow down the problem to its source. and of course, I don't have an extra mobo or cpu to swap out to test.

I would be very appreciative for any suggestions!



Have you tested your memory sticks yet? That should be the first step. Install one stick at a time in the first slot and boot to Memtest.
The more passes you let it run for, the surer the results will be. If you have the time, run each stick for at least 4 passes. See if any errors are present.