Question New i7 8700 getting hot (97°C) under load + very loud fan noise

Oct 21, 2021
Hello everyone,
I have a Lenovo Legion T530 that originally came with a i3 8100. I've recently replaced the CPU with a new i7 8700. Now, it gets very hot while gaming - it reached 97°C very quickly while playing The Witcher 3 on medium settings and the fan noise got extremely loud. I had no such problems with my old 8100 under the same circumstances. My GPU is the gtx 1660 super, which is more than capable to handle the game. I have also replaced my cooler with the intel stock cooler the CPU came with, but to no avail. I made sure it is seated properly, also tried a different thermal paste (Arctic MX4).
(Idle temperature stays around 35°C, which I believe is normal.)
Do I just need to get a better cooler or is there something else that might be causing the issue?
Yes better cooler the better, also if you set the game details lower you stress even more the cpu, the higher the details the higher the stress on gpu and not the cpu. The stock cooler is CRAP, CRAP CRAP, you really need a better cooler.


The stock cooler is doing it's job.
Up to a point.
87c. under load is safe enough.
Your 35c. idle is actually good.
It says you mounted the cooler well.
The cpu monitors it's own temperature and will slow down or throttle if it senses a dangerous temperature.
That is around 100c.

One problem with an aftermarket cooler will be the space available for it.
Most top coolers need 160mm height.
I saw a post where a hyper212 would not fit. It was a 160mm cooler.
I can suggest two replacements.
Cryorig H7
It is 145mm tall.

There is an interesting alternative and cheaper vetroo cooler that would also work:

One other thing, if you have space for an added front intake fan, I would also populate that.
Any cooler needs a good source of fresh air to let it do it's job.
More air is good for the graphics card too.


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