Apr 18, 2008

this is a build for a friend. Main purpose of the build will be a rendering station (3ds max, maya). All the parts come from and no, newegg or ncix aren't cheaper (but newegg had a lot of sutff available...)

CPU Intel core i7 920

Motherboard Gigabyte EX58-UD5

RAM GSkill ddr3-1333 9-9-9-24

Primary hard drive in RAID 0, WD 640GB with 32MB cache

Secondary hard drive for backup, samsung F1 1TB

DVD burner LG

DVD burner Samsung

Power supply corsair TX750

Video card XFX Radeon HG 4870 1G

Monitor Acer P244Wii x2

Case Coolermaster Cosmos

Ok so I have a few questions :

First of all, it's about the video card. I know that a gaming card does not performs very well in pro application like 3DSmax but a Firegl isn't very affordable. Does the Geforce performs better so I can change for a GTX216 core 216 for the same price.

I am sure that the power supply can handle two HD4870 / GTX 280 in Crossfire/Sli. How about two HD4870X2/GTX295. In that case, a 1000W is needed?

The CPU will probably overlclocked but not much. Maybe 3.2GHz. Should I take a third party cooler for that, like the Noctua NH-u12P with the mounting bracket?

Does that case is a goodone ? I mean I never use it or even see it. Is a twelve hundred better?

For the RAM, this is not the best I know but should I take a ddr3-1600 kit for the overclock of the CPU (corsair OCZ gold for example) ?

feel free to comments and answers.

The total cost should be under 2850 CND (no shipping but a federal tax)

Yes, I do believe the Nvidia cards play better with professional programs. GTX 260 would be a better choice.

The 750TX would handle a couple GTX 285s, but not so much two GTX 280s. And really for those I would be more comfortable with an 850TX. You would need at least a Corsair 1000HX for quad crossfire/SLI, yes.

Yes, aftermarket cooler would be good. That one works.

That's a decent case. Fairly quiet.

Similar case that is better designed and better cooled:
CM Sniper

The Antec 1200 is a fine choice as well.

You would be better off with higher rated RAM for the OC, yes.
Here's some G.Skill



Jan 21, 2009

The difference between 280 and 285 is only 17W.
Yep, 34W total, although I think the actual load tests I saw had the difference a bit larger. I think Corsair is still recommending the 850W for both SLI setups, but when we were looking at it in another thread last month we kind of concluded the 285s would be fine with a 750TX. I haven't checked back with Corsair yet, and if they changed their minds I would be fine going with a 750TX...

There is however the fact that the 850TX is the better PSU, aside from wattage, according to reviews. That's part of the equation as well when someone is spending 750 bucks on graphics cards. An extra 20 bucks is not going hurt too bad.


Mar 10, 2007
Jus to be sure did you said: primary hardrive in raid 0 with just one disk ?
At least get an other one



Apr 18, 2008
Thanks everybody for the replies.

@ Jive : yes the primary hard drive will be a RAID 0 setup with 2 WD 640Gig.

To everyone, the setup will probably be a SLI of GTX260 core 216. So for that the TX750 will be enough.