New LGA1155 Mobo


Apr 15, 2010
Hi Guys,
I'm switching from AMD to Intel as soon as I can. I got my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX for christmas, despite being an AMAZING motherboard I am switching to an i5 2500K as it seems that NONE of the current AMD processors offer decent crossfire scaling, especially when compared to Intel's i5s and i7s, even AMD's high end CPUs seem unfit for crossfire.

So my question is, what motherboard shall I get? Intel is quite alien to me, although I'm trying to get used it. I have 2 6850s in crossfire, I would like them to run in dual x16 if possible, dual x8 wouldn't matter too much though. I would like good OCing ability, and it must of course have support for the i5 2500K. Last and least, it would be nice if it looked good, but I don't mind too much :p

My budget is about £140 :)


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